Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil & Envy

Oil -- Today it was announced that Obama is proposing that we go ahead and do that offshore drilling that the Republicans were screaming for in the 2008 elections. At first I was infuriated, this was one of the [many] reasons I did not want McCain/Palin in the white house. It's just a bad idea. And then I started thinking, why is Obama proposing this? He knows the people that voted for him are against this, why would he do something so inexplicably stupid and very possibly lose their votes? That's when it hit me, strategy. The right can't stand him, refuse to concede or work with him on anything. Is this perhaps an evil plot to make them look like fools. Two years ago their mantra was "drill baby, drill!", now that it's Obama proposing will their mantra be "no drill baby, no drill!" It's only a good idea when they want to do it but not when "we" want to do it. Is it a ploy just to be able to point a finger and say "see the right will disagree with anything that comes from me". Immature, yes. Pragmatic, perhaps. Will it work? I think it will backfire. No good can come of this no matter which way this goes. We shouldn't be doing this back and forth playground bickering. Politicians grow up, grow some balls and Mr. Obama it's time to step up and stick to your promises, you know all those things you said on the campaign that got you that landslide of an election. Otherwise the right will win and in 2012 we will be right back where we started, being run into the ground by the Republican party and heaven help us Palin could be at the wheel.

Envy -- Since I hadn't worked out in 4-5 days I had to workout today. I noticed last night that Hulu now carries programs from FitTV. I am getting bored with the netflix videos so thought why not check out what hulu has. There is a program called Envy. There are 5 videos in this series from the producers of Carmen Electra's striptease (which ps I did like but reached a plateau with it). 1-Body of Envy, 2-Buns of Envy, 3-Legs of Envy, 4-Arms of Envy, & 5-Abs of Envy. Now what I like about this is circuit training and that there are 5 videos so you have a different workout Monday-Friday and break on the weekend. Even though it is I started with the first video. I can tell you this, the warm up is a bit intense and they don't tell you what you are going to be doing so you have to watch carefully. If you are new to working out skip using the hand weight during warm up. The rest of the work out was good, very repetitious which can get boring but intense! My abs, arms, buns, glutes all feel like they got a good workout in about 20-25 minutes plus the added benefit of cardio while working means better calorie burning. I plan to start the C25K plan one of these days. Need to be able to 1) find a way to run that isn't late in the evening and 2) afford a good pair of running shoes.


  1. I am NOT amused by the whole oil drilling thing. NOT AT ALL!! I can't even type more because I think my head may explode.

    As far as FitTV, there is a Bollywood dance workout that I just LOVE!

  2. So very very not amused. I keep waiting for the "April Fool's!" to be thrown out but sigh.

    I think I tried that when it first premiered but I cannot get my hips to move that way. Bellydance failure, I have it.