Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 minutes

That is all it took for me to lose it this morning. Pandering lies and fear mongering really piss me off. It drives me insane reading posts against the Bill that are based on lies and inaccuracies. Even more so when it comes from intelligent friends who for some reason can't fact check their shit before posting and when the truth is given to them just turn a blind eye. Fine if you don't agree with the Bill but my Goddess don't try to feed me bullshit and call it steak. You know what else really ticks me off? Is people who are enjoying the benefits of "Government" health insurance but would chose to deny other American families the right to basic coverage. Why is it good enough for you but not anyone else?

Ranting aside I originally planned to start the blog out with just 5 minutes on the trampoline but I was side tracked. I wanted to enjoy the sun & fresh air today so I took Pixie out to jump on the trampoline. 3 minutes and I was down on my back trying to catch my breath. After another 3 minute jumping round I was D-U-N done! I have really got to get my lungs back into condition sine without a good cardio all the stretching and free weights and lunges and crunches won't be very effective.

I did talk to a trainer today and she suggested if all I wanted to do was get ripped was to try the P90X but it is cardio intense so I worry I would have a hard time keeping up. Hell it looks intense anyways, have you seen this new craze? Yeah, crazy. It does come with a money back guarantee so it may be worth it to buy the system if it does actually work. Going to have to see if I can fit the low monthly payments into our budget. I am sure I can I just want to be totally sure before I commit to it. Too bad I can't just get a copy (or 12 holy crow) from netflix so I could at least see if it's something I would be in to. Maybe I will go ahead and get it and then my blog can be my diary on it.


  1. Oh the anti-health care folks and thier fibs just errk me to no end! Don't get me started!..LOL .. suffice it to say You say it well Mam!
    I wouldn't last 30 seconds on a trampoline! GO you.

  2. LOL Mama Fey! I hear ya. Today I am trying to just turn a blind eye to what I see. I get it, they don't want mandated health care, well then maybe they should have gotten that across to their reps who pushed for that to be put in to this Bill.

    The trampoline is fun but now we have 5+ days of gloom & rain so no more trampoline for a bit.

  3. You could always like....borrow my P90x to see how you like it ;)