Wednesday, June 30, 2010

week 5 day 1

You are my bitch! Today's run was 3 intervals of 5 minute jog-3 minute recovery walk. Each jog is exactly 2 laps which means 1) it's easy to push myself knowing where I'll get to be able to walk and 2) I am averaging about 11mph, not too bad! But damn, that last lap of the last run is torture, pure hell I tell you. I thought I was going to pass out as I came around the bend to finish the 1st half but I pushed it and mentally yelled at myself the rest of the lap. I refused to give up or quit, telling myself that if I could conquer week 4 then I could conquer any of the other runs. Man was I happy to finish that final lap and be able to walk though.

Next run is 2 intervals of 8 minute jog with a 5 minute walk and then day 3 is the big 20 minute straight run. 10 laps of torture that in some ways I hope will be done here in WA where it's cooler while the other part wants it to happen in SC b/c that'll mean I am on vacation. The thought of making that 20 minute jog in the heat and humidity of the south is rather intimidating however.

Monday, June 28, 2010

week 4 is done!

It was a little easier to run today despite having run yesterday. I am trying to push my way up through week 5 before we go to Charleston. I am not sure if I'll hit day 3 before we leave since that would fall on Sun and if flights leave out of here like I hope I plan to be in Chas by Sat. Ah but the joy of military flights is that I am at the mercy of their schedules.

Weigh in this morning sucked, 129lbs :/ We have had no meat in over a week so everything I have been eating has been fresh local foods! Ok except that night we had pizza (I worked a long day!) so what gives? I had hoped to be down to 120 before going on vacay and that was the goal I set to buy myself a new 'kini but hmm maybe not so much now b/c no way 9lbs will drop in 5 days. Trying to increase my water intake to 3 liters and get back to tracking my food. I think I'll also work the 30 day shred every day rather than very other day. Alright body time for you to start cooperating with me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Despite my busyness I have not let myself fall off the workout wagon, I did however fall back into my poor eating habits of skipping breakfast and grabbing whatever for lunch and dinners have been lame too as I try to avoid the grocery store so we can empty the fridge before our vacay.

In the last 2ish weeks I have designed 2 socks (one of which I kind of decided to scrap) and then knit like a crazy fool on a different pattern for an annual "HoarWars" event in the yarn swap group I created. What is hoarwars you ask? It's a knitting competition very similar to the street game "Assassin". Every person is an assassin, has a target and is also a target. The premise is to knit a sock from a pattern that isn't revealed until the start of the game and get it sent to your target, killing them before your assassin kills you. It's a lot of fun but can be very time consuming. However I knit a delicious pair of merino/cashmere socks I hand dyed for my target, someone I think of as a long distance yarny mom. Want to see the socks? Here they are!

and here is a singleton of the sock I designed for this event

I know it's not as spectacular as the cabled ones and truth be told it's because my ideas kept turning to shit mid design and I went the easy route. Also the pattern only had to be on the leg of the sock (which is what I did for the model) whereas I decided to knit the pattern all the way down the cabled sock to give myself a disadvantage knowing I could have won the 1st kill of the contest had I gone the easy route.

Ok enough about my knitting prowess let's talk running! I have been sticking to the c25k pretty well. Last week I was running 2 circuits instead of 1 in order to prepare myself for week 4 and it worked!! The first time I got to week 4 I hit a major mental block and quit. I have now completed week 4 day 2! I am looking forward to day 3 which I may go ahead and do tomorrow so I can get cracking on week 5. I do not really want to work week 5 in the heat of Charleston, not that week 6 will be pleasant but seems to be less hard than week 5. The upside to Chas is I will have access to a track that is distanced correctly unlike our schools track. I have been keeping up with Jillian and working my way through level 2. The cardio on level 2 kills me which I just don't get. I can do week 4 of c25k without breathing hard (although my legs are screaming) but I want to literally die and my lungs explode on the 30day cardio, what?!

My weight keeps bouncing around, last week it hit 125 and this week it's been siting around 127, probably due to my crap eating. I did however finally get a measurable difference on my hips and thighs where I lost 1" on both! It's not much but it is progress. Now if I could just get those jigglypuff thighs to tone up and drop 2 more inches I think I'd be satisfied. I'd also really like to see my abs showing. If it weren't for that belly pooch I'd probably be sporting a 4pack at least, I have abs of steel yo. I am hopeful that between the running, the shred, and the 100 pushup/200 situp/100 squats challenges I am doing that things will get moving soon. They better! I start week 3 on those this week and whew I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's get one thing straight America. . .

unless you are Native American/Indian guess what? You are an illegal immigrant! Is it time to send this country a good old fashioned history lesson? I mean this history isn't even that old and somehow we (general we here) have forgotten it already?

Ok so let's step back in time to 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, he landed in America, thought it was India, what a tool. He treated the natives like shit, enslaved them, cut off hands and all if they did not bring him the right amount of gold every day. With his discovery of this new land (and hey didn't the Vikings actually "discovery" it first, no respect I tell ya!) came about trade and immigration. Let's then FF about 200 yrs and we have . . .

The Mayflower. It brought over the first group of pilgrims to settle the land. People who fled Europe due to religious persecution. At first they were friendly with the natives who taught them how to survive this harsh land. Yay friends! Now we have Thanksgiving to celebrate this sharing of information, wealth and land. Next thing ya know more and more people are immigrating to this new land. A land already ruled and occupied by the Indian people who have their own laws and government mind you. They were ind enough to share as they felt the land belonged to everyone.

Now we have the 13 colonies and soon enough it's getting too crowded so these immigrants decide to spread out and head west. GOLD!! woohoo! Now let's strip the land of it's natural resources, sweet! The more immigrants that land, the more they spread out the less food their is for the Natives and these immigrants are spreading their disease, killing the natives who are not used to these strange germs. They are being moved from their homes as more people invade their space, starving, freezing and being treated like crap. Then this new white man government that thinks they are the rightful owners to all of this land and everything in it decide these natives no longer own their homes. Thy create reservations and round up all of the Natives, the ones who welcomed them with open arms and taught them how to survive this land remember, and sent them on the trail of tears. So many lives were lost, the travel was harsh, disease and famine were rampant. In effect, this was a genocide of these people, many tribes were wiped out and they are now very few left.

I also recently learned something new (as in I did not previously know this fact, I love learning!). The area we now call Texas was once part of Mexico. The Mexicans allowed the white people to occupy their land. When they wanted to separate from Mexico they were able to not only have an army to fight but to win the battle, thanks to the illegal immigrants they allowed on to their land. Guess who is now considered the illegal immigrants in Texas? I bet you can guess.

Let's think about this, unless you are NA/Indian then guess what? You are an illegal immigrant. Just because the white race is majority and stronger with more fire power does not mean they are right (yes I am white, I am also Cherokee & Irish so there :P) does not mean they own this place, it just means they are the bigger bullies and can get their way. So if you want to see children who were born in the US to go back to their native country with their illegal immigrant parents then perhaps we should ship all the people back to whence they came since by all counts they are in fact illegal immigrants. Now then let us open the borders and welcome our brethren with open arms. Let us treat them as we were once treated, with compassion with love with trust. Let's teach them how to survive this land and not treat them as if they are all criminals due to the color of their skin or the place of their birth.

It's time to stop being ignorant, racist asshats and remember where we came from and how we acquired this country we call home. It's time to show compassion to those who want to escape a harsh cruel life in hopes of starting a new better life. Let's face it, hunting them down like animals and deporting them immediately is not effective, it is not helpful, it is cruel. Perhaps instead of instant deportation we look at a way to get them legal citizenship in a simple, humane manner.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gotta kick it up!

After a much better food/exercise/rest day I decided to reweigh myself this morning and it's at 126, now I know it's not possible to drop 2 lbs in a day so I am pretty sure it was water wt most likely (I was slacking the last few days). I had an alright run last night, my shins are starting to hurt again though. I wish I could afford to go in and have a good shoe fitting done and buy the proper shoes. Still I want to drop another 6 lbs before we get to SC but not only the lbs I want the inches to budge! I cannot seem to understand why no matter what I have done I am not getting firmer more toned and dropping the inches.

So I am going to add to my plan on m-w-f with my cardio days I am also going to work the slim in 6 workouts. I just watched all 3 videos and man they are kind of sloooow very boring and pretty much all cardio so it fits in with that days workout. On T-Th-Sa I am already doing the 30 day shred 200 situps and 100 pushups but will add 100 squats as well (or is it 200? gotta go back and look).

I think by the time I finish the shred and 100/200 challenges I can start on P90 or P90x. I refuse to let my body win this battle and I am going to push it to it's limit and then push it a little more.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the importance of rest

I never really fully got the whole "it's important to sleep 7-8 hours per night" thing. I am a nightowl, it's when I can just let it all hang out and enjoy the peace & quiet no mommy mommy mommy mom mom mommy mom MOOOOOMMM!!! The last 2 nights of not sleeping until 3 am and thereby staying in bed far later than usual has really messed me up. I am so so exhausted. I took Friday as my rest day instead of Sunday so ha to do my run today. Bad thing is I spent most of last night bawling my eyes out over a GD Hilary Duff movie. It took watching an episode of Bones to lull me to sleep.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day here in WA and I wanted to take advantage of what I could so out I went to the yard to pull up more clover only to realize that massive patch was sprouting again. After going after it again and another patch I finally said screw this I am never going to be able to pull out all of these roots & vines so off to the hardware store I went. I almost didn't want to leave for once I walked up to the garden are I caught a whiff of the sweet sweet smell of a southern Magnolia tree and beside it blossoming honeysuckle vines. I felt almost home, as if I was walking through Magnolia Gardens on balmy spring day. And then I snapped out of it, remembered I was pitching a hissy fit and I came there for supplies. Chemicals, deadly, nasty, gross chemicals. The thing I said I was not going to resort to and I totally did. Fine I want to spend the few nice sunny hot days we have enjoying the sun not bent over with my hands in the dirt yanking up weeds, vines & roots ok? Ok.

When I got home I checked the mail an there was an envelope from ICEA. I was thinking oh maybe it's membership information? So I open it up and start to read and. . . OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD! I got the scholarship so my registration fee and exam fees are paid in full! I am officially registered in the Childbirth Education Course and have all of my training materials. All I need are to purchase the reading books ($250 ish if I buy from the website) and save up to go to a training workshop. The one I really really really want to attend is in Oct but it's like $750 and that doesn't include airfare or hotel or food. I so wish there was a way to raise the funds for that super quick.

Back to the whole rest thing. . . I did my run at 7pm b/c no effing way was I running on the blacktop during the daytime nuh uh no way no how, even at 7 it as still bright and warm. This was a pretty lousy run, only 9 laps and I was very very slow. Obviously my body is having trouble running under the exhaustion. The really sad thing is? I didn't feel like I as exerting a lot of energy, I had no problems breathing in fact I never got out of breath like I normally do and yet I felt like at any moment my legs would just curl up under me so I could take a nap. Now that I am home, showered and in bed I can barely formulate a thought or coherent sentence. My girls keep asking me things and my brain goes all mushy and confused. I guess this is a sign to put on some bones and curl up under the covers for an early night, I need it! But first, i am kind of hungry and could use a snack!

Friday, June 11, 2010

End of the week

Well I guess technically tomorrow is the end of my week since I still have 1 more day of 30 day shred and w1 100 pushups/200 situps. It is my last week of w1 of c25k and I am just exhausted right now. I am looking forward to my run today but with the lack of sleep last night I am not feeling top of my game. My poor Pixie has been dealing with hives and last night was another outbreak. Not as bad as they have been but enough to cause fever and lots of itchy scratchy. It took an hour of power struggles to get her to take her medicine. Once sh did she was fine and felt better and was able to finally sleep, of course by then it was 3 am (she awoke at 130 in misery after I had just fallen asleep). We both slept until very late this morning, I feel like most of the day is gone and I am walking in a sleepless fog. This may very well be a 2 cup of coffee day.

I totally expected to wake up this morning with super sore abs, I do believe in total I did about 200 crunches when I combined the 30 day shred with the 200 sit up program. I do think it worked better to do those 2 plans after finishing the shred but before the cool down stretches. The pushups were a little harder in some ways but at least this time I didn't pull my rotator cuff like the first day. No sore abs, no sore legs, no sore pecs. . . body is adjusting nicely to all that I am putting it through.

Have you seen the new show Losing it with Jillian Michaels? If you haven't you simply must! This weeks episode was emotional but inspiring. The mom, Deb, was very obese, on diabetes meds etc and in 6 weeks she dropped 32 lbs and trained AND ran a 5k! If that doesn't light a spark under my ass. If a 230lb 53yo woman can train for and run a 5k in 6 weeks than damn right This 31yo 127lb woman will too! I have a few goals to reach before we vacation in July and if I reach them I plan to award myself with a new swimsuit, heaven knows the ones I have now are years old and I could use one a bit more my age? A little less 18-25ish but without being a "mom" suit. The retro in me really wants a pinup bathing suit but darn they are pricey and i have never been able to pull off the one piece look :(

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

who is a bad ass?

That's right, I am biotches! *imagine chest thumping and Tarzan yelling here* One of my goals with restarting the Couch-2-5k is to increase my speed, stamina and stride. D1 was a bit hard but I made the n00b mistake of starting out fast and spending my energy early. However I still managed to log 11 laps. Today my goal was 12-13 laps but instead of starting out fast I'd work on keeping a steady pace. I did pretty good at that I thought (and remembered a trick to open up my longs during my rest walks) until I as rounding out my 8th lap and about to start my 9th when my podcast said "annn your done!" I thought um NO, no I am NOT tyvm. So Guess what I did? I KEPT GOING! I have a pretty good feel of how much track I use to jog 60 sec and how much to walk 90, thing is by that point I could barely stand to only jog 60 sec so I am pretty sure I went about 90 on at least the last 2 I know for sure I did 90+ on the last one, I was pushing it.

How many laps did I do? 13!! WUT?! That's right 13 laps - 3 miles hell yeah I almost hit 5k distance in 35 minutes! I totally shocked my husband who was already 3 minutes in to his run before I started and last time we were at the track together I was done 10 minutes before he was. He said he was expecting me to be done already and was surprised to see I was still going. We had a nice chat during my cool down walk and I said that all of that it was in my head and today I said I refuse to let fear or "it's hard" dictate what I can or cannot do. I want this to work for me and the fact that I am feeling so great and I know I can feel the major improvements in my physical fitness even if I can't see them makes me a little more determined to not quit on me, because really that is what I was doing, I was quitting on me, giving up on me and that just isn't kosher. I am sure the fact that I am now finally seeing the pounds fall back down on the scale has also added a little extra motivation. I am convinced now that at least 4-5lbs of that was all water weight because remember when I said the scale was yelling 131 lbs at me? Today it sang 126 and that is all from tossing back 2-3 liters of water per day. Now if I could just see and measure the results of the hard work I have put in I would be one hella happy bitchcake.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

My poor Pixie has a raging case of hives :-( They started last night out of the blue and I can't for the life of me figure out what could have caused them. She used to have food allergies but they haven't reared their heads in 4 years, not since we basically cured them through the use of homeopathics. The have progressively spread all over her body today and now her poor lips are also swollen. I am not likely to sleep much tonight to make sure her tongue/throat don't swell. If that happens we will be off to the ER right away. As is we have an appt for her early in the morning with the Dr and I foresee the fun of allergy testing up ahead. I've kept her moisturized with aveeno lotion and covered in calamine as well. Now it's on to the antihistamine to see if that will help alleviate some of the itchy and swelling. She is currently relaxing after a cool bath and watching She-Ra. I am contemplating a steamy mug of coffee so I can stay awake, it's been a long day!

I got in my 30 day shred workout, I started a challenge group on for it and like that I'll be doing this alongside others as well. Then this evening I headed down to Curves to try out their circuit workout for free. The machines are cool but the workout is too short and too easy. I must say I love the stretching stand/contraption thingy an would kill to have one in my garage or something. My body is good and exhausted and really wants to just go to sleep. Now where is the energy to go make that cuppa?

Monday, June 7, 2010

W1D1 is done!

Hallelujah it is done. Day 1 is always the hardest isn't it? I allowed myself to sleep in a little this morning but I need to work on getting up at 730 and then working my way back to a 630 am wake up in preparation for school next year since I'll need to take Pixie to the bus stop.

I let myself piddlefart around on the computer until it was time for weigh in, headed up stairs to stand on the scale and 127! I am so excited as that takes me just 12lbs to lose to hit my goal. After weigh in I went to my next challenge, 1 hour of housework. I am working on decluttering and throwing out what we do not need. If it won't go in a yardsale it's hitting the dump. Today I spent an hour on the bookshelf, I cannot believe how much junk we just piled up on it. I still have the hope chest, shoe rack and my yarn to manage so I have a feeling I will be in here until Wed at least. Once I have all of that done I will shampoo the carpets and wash the walls. Seriously considering repainting in here but I think the husband might kick my butt if I say that.

The water drinking is going well, I am surprised at how much easier it is to chug down 8 cups when you keep a big liter bottle at your side. It does feel like the more I drink the more thirsty I am.

My last challenge for today is of course restarting the C25K at w1d1. Since I already know this is something I can do I wanted to increase my speed and work on my stride. My speed definitely picked up today and instead of running 9 laps I got in 11 laps! By the end I was feeling a little nauseous and wasn't sure if I could run another leg but if the music told me to then I would, as luck would have it I had already finished and was on to my cool down walk. I feel great today and plan to keep up the momentum.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a Fabulous Saturday!

The sun finally appeared in Washington and it was hot! Just the motivation I needed to be able to get some more work done in the yard tackling those clover patches. Now I personally like clover but with trying to get things ready to sell this place in 2 years I have to think about presentation to potential buyers and most people consider clover to be weed so it's got to go. Since the kids play in the yard and the deer eat our grass I'd like to not use chemicals as much as possible so I am pulling the clover out by hand. No easy feat in certain areas where it is really thick and the vines are all intertwined. I got the biggest patch out today, 5 hours I was out in the sun today and it felt great! I have a few more smaller patches that I should hopefully get to knock out this week as long as the weather holds out.

My dear husband went and got me a dandelion weed popper. Now the one I remember from my childhood was so much fun, the new ones are a little different, just as effective but not as fun. I cannot believe how much dandelion came up this year. See last year I killed them all and 1/3 of the grass using chemical weeder. Those lil dandelion shits laughed at me and for every one killed 10 more took it's place this year. So perhaps it was justice for using the chemicals and I won't do that again. By hand (er popper) it is. I do say I may suck it up and use a chemical fertilizer though since the grass is looking pretty sad.

I am trying to get a head start on my new challenges so for the last 2 days I have kept my liter bottle at my side. Yesterday I drank 2 liters and found I was still thirsty but as it was then midnight and I was having a mini freak out over a stupid ass movie I watched I said fuggit and just went thirsty. Today I am chugging down my 3rd liter. I am sure the fact I spent all day out in the sun and it's hot has really helped with that. It is easier than I thought it would be and now my body won't go in to shock when I start my programs up again on Monday. I am even thinking of adding in the 100pushup/2oositup plan to my schedule. It's similar to the C25K in that it works you up in stages. I looked it over and it looks pretty awesome. Sure I can do 30 girl pushups and 50 crunches but wouldn't it be frakkin awesome to do 100/200? I'd love to build up the strength to do a for real pushup, that would seriously rock my world.

And now time to snuggle up with that man of mine and crash into slumber, a well deserved one at that!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Starting over

I realized yesterday during my (very lame) jog/walk that I had lost all drive and motivation, and it was all mental in my head that prevented me from being able to do a week 3 run which I have done successfully already. I got home and immediately popped in 30 day shred and went to town. I refuse to let discouragement bring me down! So from this day backwards it is all erased and I am starting with a clean fresh start on Mon June 7.

My challenges:
*C25K M-W-F starting back @ week 1 and work more on lengthening my stride
*30 day shred Tu-Thu-Sat no excuses!
*Drink 8 cups of water a day, keep a liter bottle at my side and drink it down twice
*Continue to work on getting at least 1500 calories in per day
*Weigh in 11am Monday morning, after using the bathroom & stripping naked for most accurate results
*Measurements and Picture (no matter how bad it looks) every 2 weeks
*At least 30 minutes of housework daily but strive for an hour.
*Lose 14lbs in 7-14 weeks (would prefer closer to 7 than 14)

So who is with me? If I can do it you can do it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

At a crossroads of sort

I have really been struggling with the fact that despite working out and eating great I am not seeing any visible signs of improvement and rather than losing a little weight I have gained weight. I used to never really worry about what my body looked like or how much I weighed, it simply wasn't a concern of mine. I've always been thin, had a little flab but nothing that bothered me. So this past winter when I realized that little bit of flab had increased and I wasn't looking as trim as I did 2 summers ago I made a plan to change that. Four months ago I said I was going to stick to a fitness routine, working out in some form every day and eating better (which wasn't too much of a stretch since we ate pretty well on a normal basis). Everything I have read says you should be seeing results in as few as 6 weeks but could be 8, here I am 12-13 weeks. I didn't stop at 6 weeks and quit b/c I couldn't see results, something I have done in the past. I kept going at weeks, got really pissed off at 10 weeks and now I am just depressed. I feel great after I workout so I have no plans of stopping, I like how I feel for the first few hours after a workout, so much so I wish I could have that feeling all day long. What depresses me is knowing I am doing all of this work and nothing is changing. It really shouldn't be that hard should it? I have a high metabolism, always have so is that now working against me? I don't understand how I can work out 5-6 days a week for 3+ months and have nothing change other than the scale going up. It makes me want to quit, I am tired of counting and measuring every little thing I eat or drink, I am tired of asking myself will this treat put me over my cal/fat/carb count for the day? Eating feels more like a chore now than a part of my life and it shouldn't feel that way! I shouldn't feel this way! When will the changes I have made and strive to continue making show me some results?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly

My sister is finally in labor with her second child and I am so excited! In the last 2 years she has moved way more to the crunchy side than I ever thought she would. She is delay/selective vaccinating, natural birthing (in a hospital but regardless natural!), baby wearing, breastfeeding, anti-circ. . . really I couldn't be more proud of her! For researching and learning and deciding on her own because trust me as her older sister she wasn't going to listen to me lol Now she is sitting at home in labor with her husband and doula by her side waiting for active labor to hit and decide when she is ready to head to the hospital. I so wish I could be there too but I am with her in spirit. I am sending all of my best positive happy birth vibes and so are many of my friends. I hope she gets the birth she wants and I cannot wait to meet my new niece next month!

With the good there is always bad and today my heart breaks for a friend. We all know I speak up loudly against circumcision, no surprise as to why. Today she watched a video of a circumcision and was disgusted and heartbroken and upset with herself for letting this happen to both of her sons. Part of me wishes we hadn't lost touch for so long so she would have had the tools and research before her baby was born. I sat here and cried for her wishing I could help take that pain and guilt away. I wish all parents would watch a video of a circumcision and research it thoroughly before they decide to do this. I wish I could reach out and give this mama a hug and let her know it will be alright.

Now the ugly you say? My run was U-G-L-Y. Week 4 is not my friend. Session today is supposed to be as follows (jog/walk) 3min/1.5min, 5min/2.5min repeat. Instead I got this 3min/1.5min, 3min/4.5min/, 3min/1.5min, 1.5min/1.5min, 60sec/60sec. Yuck. Looks like I may be repeating week 4 a couple of times eh? I'll get I am a determined little snot afterall.