Wednesday, June 9, 2010

who is a bad ass?

That's right, I am biotches! *imagine chest thumping and Tarzan yelling here* One of my goals with restarting the Couch-2-5k is to increase my speed, stamina and stride. D1 was a bit hard but I made the n00b mistake of starting out fast and spending my energy early. However I still managed to log 11 laps. Today my goal was 12-13 laps but instead of starting out fast I'd work on keeping a steady pace. I did pretty good at that I thought (and remembered a trick to open up my longs during my rest walks) until I as rounding out my 8th lap and about to start my 9th when my podcast said "annn your done!" I thought um NO, no I am NOT tyvm. So Guess what I did? I KEPT GOING! I have a pretty good feel of how much track I use to jog 60 sec and how much to walk 90, thing is by that point I could barely stand to only jog 60 sec so I am pretty sure I went about 90 on at least the last 2 I know for sure I did 90+ on the last one, I was pushing it.

How many laps did I do? 13!! WUT?! That's right 13 laps - 3 miles hell yeah I almost hit 5k distance in 35 minutes! I totally shocked my husband who was already 3 minutes in to his run before I started and last time we were at the track together I was done 10 minutes before he was. He said he was expecting me to be done already and was surprised to see I was still going. We had a nice chat during my cool down walk and I said that all of that it was in my head and today I said I refuse to let fear or "it's hard" dictate what I can or cannot do. I want this to work for me and the fact that I am feeling so great and I know I can feel the major improvements in my physical fitness even if I can't see them makes me a little more determined to not quit on me, because really that is what I was doing, I was quitting on me, giving up on me and that just isn't kosher. I am sure the fact that I am now finally seeing the pounds fall back down on the scale has also added a little extra motivation. I am convinced now that at least 4-5lbs of that was all water weight because remember when I said the scale was yelling 131 lbs at me? Today it sang 126 and that is all from tossing back 2-3 liters of water per day. Now if I could just see and measure the results of the hard work I have put in I would be one hella happy bitchcake.


  1. You go, woman!!! Sounds like you are doing so awesome!!!

  2. Thanks girl! I feel like i am doing awesome! I really needed to hit that low i guess to get my butt in gear.