Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly

My sister is finally in labor with her second child and I am so excited! In the last 2 years she has moved way more to the crunchy side than I ever thought she would. She is delay/selective vaccinating, natural birthing (in a hospital but regardless natural!), baby wearing, breastfeeding, anti-circ. . . really I couldn't be more proud of her! For researching and learning and deciding on her own because trust me as her older sister she wasn't going to listen to me lol Now she is sitting at home in labor with her husband and doula by her side waiting for active labor to hit and decide when she is ready to head to the hospital. I so wish I could be there too but I am with her in spirit. I am sending all of my best positive happy birth vibes and so are many of my friends. I hope she gets the birth she wants and I cannot wait to meet my new niece next month!

With the good there is always bad and today my heart breaks for a friend. We all know I speak up loudly against circumcision, no surprise as to why. Today she watched a video of a circumcision and was disgusted and heartbroken and upset with herself for letting this happen to both of her sons. Part of me wishes we hadn't lost touch for so long so she would have had the tools and research before her baby was born. I sat here and cried for her wishing I could help take that pain and guilt away. I wish all parents would watch a video of a circumcision and research it thoroughly before they decide to do this. I wish I could reach out and give this mama a hug and let her know it will be alright.

Now the ugly you say? My run was U-G-L-Y. Week 4 is not my friend. Session today is supposed to be as follows (jog/walk) 3min/1.5min, 5min/2.5min repeat. Instead I got this 3min/1.5min, 3min/4.5min/, 3min/1.5min, 1.5min/1.5min, 60sec/60sec. Yuck. Looks like I may be repeating week 4 a couple of times eh? I'll get I am a determined little snot afterall.

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