Monday, June 7, 2010

W1D1 is done!

Hallelujah it is done. Day 1 is always the hardest isn't it? I allowed myself to sleep in a little this morning but I need to work on getting up at 730 and then working my way back to a 630 am wake up in preparation for school next year since I'll need to take Pixie to the bus stop.

I let myself piddlefart around on the computer until it was time for weigh in, headed up stairs to stand on the scale and 127! I am so excited as that takes me just 12lbs to lose to hit my goal. After weigh in I went to my next challenge, 1 hour of housework. I am working on decluttering and throwing out what we do not need. If it won't go in a yardsale it's hitting the dump. Today I spent an hour on the bookshelf, I cannot believe how much junk we just piled up on it. I still have the hope chest, shoe rack and my yarn to manage so I have a feeling I will be in here until Wed at least. Once I have all of that done I will shampoo the carpets and wash the walls. Seriously considering repainting in here but I think the husband might kick my butt if I say that.

The water drinking is going well, I am surprised at how much easier it is to chug down 8 cups when you keep a big liter bottle at your side. It does feel like the more I drink the more thirsty I am.

My last challenge for today is of course restarting the C25K at w1d1. Since I already know this is something I can do I wanted to increase my speed and work on my stride. My speed definitely picked up today and instead of running 9 laps I got in 11 laps! By the end I was feeling a little nauseous and wasn't sure if I could run another leg but if the music told me to then I would, as luck would have it I had already finished and was on to my cool down walk. I feel great today and plan to keep up the momentum.

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