Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Competition Thoughts- warning LONG

I have now competed in two NPC shows and I am processing the events still. One of my first thoughts on this experience is "amazing!" I'm not sure I can sum up in a few words the emotions and experiences from the past 2 weeks!

My first show was a disaster of epic proportions. My custom suit didn't fit correctly so I had to do a last minute sub out. While the color looked great on me pre-tan once I was spray tanned and on stage it fell a little flat on me. My hairstyle, while cute was too contrived you could say. It looked like I was trying too hard was the feedback I received, so while I love the pinup style and it's unique, it's not good for the stage.

This show really just seemed poorly organized, which ended up being a blessing because really once you've experienced the worst of everything then all other shows will be a breeze lol So from the get-go my tan went crazy and I had to be re-sprayed in the morning, then we found out they were having us walk in from stage right instead of stage left, and that instead of walking out in a lineup for the prejudging we were doing our presentation poses. Oy, presentation poses was the one thing we had not yet gone over in posing clinics and small posing practice. I was very thrown off by all of this and then I got up on stage and was blinded by the huge bright lights and OMG the stage was carpeted too! I pretty much lost my shit up there, I don't really remember much of what happened to be honest but I know it wasn't pretty. On the other hand I was kind of pretty ;)

After that show I was feeling very upset and disillusioned. I couldn't understand why anyone liked competing or wanted to do it. All I could think about was if I hadn't already sunk so much money in to this next comp I would back out. Except I'm not a quitter and dropping out of the show would be quitting. I knew I had a lot of friends competing in this show and the experience would be different so I plugged ahead. I brought a better attitude and even better physique to the stage.

The class I competed in was certainly a hard one, the girls were all young and gorgeous and definitely had more flirty stage presence than I. But I went out there with no expectations except to have fun and nail my routine. I definitely felt I did much better this time around, I was relaxed and did a good job remembering to smile, keep my hands flared and keep my ass out lol When I made first call outs I was shocked! I had hoped for a top 5 finish but honestly wasn't expecting it at all. There was so much excitement before stepping on stage I nearly forgot everything (and yes there was drama with my tan AGAIN!) when we got off stage the whirlwind of excitement did not end.

After getting back to my hotel room I had a few minutes to relax, eat some food and check in with everyone on facebook. Then I had to pack my bags freshen up and head out for a photoshoot. That was a lot of fun but holy hard work batman! Not sure I really want to do any actual modeling work haha. I had like no idea wtf I was doing and I'm sure that made it not so fun for the photographer.

Once the photoshoot was done it was back to my room where a few of us competitors hung out and chatted, ate a bit more food, fixed our hair and makeup and right back to the venue. I had to be re-sprayed AGAIN (omg!) which made me way too dark IMO and still looked like crap under the lights. By this point I was so exhausted I seriously lacked the energy I needed to have on stage and my smile? Could barely even force it even when they announced my placing! But you know what? I still looked damn good and I am so proud of the fact that not only did I get up on that stage and work it but I took home 4th place and qualified for Jr USA's which has been my impossible/possible goal.

Things I learned these 2 weeks? Small shows are a great way to practice your stage presence and posing, even if it does end up being a disaster. Competing is hella more fun when you are surrounded by friends and family! I am totally addicted to competing now and am sad that I won't be on stage again for another 9 months as I go into off season to build up more muscle. And finally, I am not meant to be a model lol

I have to say though none of this would have ever been possible without a few people.

1-my husband who has supported me through this and dealt with y crazy mood swings as I went through contest prep. He has helped keep me focused and not let me stray from my diet as much as he possibly could! There is no way I could have done any of this without him <3

2-my coach, Amy Perez at Metabolic Mayhem Training, for whom without I may not have reached my physique goals. Some days I wonder how she puts up with me but she does and always keeps me on track!

3-my buffy, Sarah. If it weren't for her I would have never found LBC which would have never lead me to the thought of bodybuilding or competing and would never have led me to my current coach at MMT. Sarah has been a huge source of support for me and listened to me bitch and moan and whine as well as helped push me when I felt I couldn't push any more

Here are pics from this past show :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peak Week!

Before I delved into actually becoming a competitor I heard a lot of talk about peak week. I didn't really understand what it was or meant other than it being that week before a competition. The things I read some of these gals were doing (not just in peak week but their entire contest prep) scared me a little. Eating only asparagus, tilapia and boiled chicken? Ew! Loading up on distilled water and dropping all sodium, uh what? Double or triple cardios, are you insane? No fruit, little to no carbs, oh my!

That seemed to be the standard and I didn't want to do the standard, I didn't want to be another story of a metabolic damaged competitor. I knew I wouldn't compete if that was what I had to put my body through. Thankfully I had found LBC/MMT long before the thought of competing had ever crossed my mind and I knew this was not the way they prepped.

So here I am, finally at peak week and my prep hasn't felt like a prep at all! Carbs with most of my meals, fruit in 2 of my meals, no magic fish (aka tilapia), no boiled chicken or distilled water and if I don't want to eat asparagus I don't have to! Now don't get me wrong I love asparagus and I like tilapia as well, but I chose not to eat them simply as me being defiant to the "standard contest prep" diet. I know, soooo mature ;)

What did change for peak week? Oh well we changed up my cardio a little, and I am still doing less than 3 hours a week, yes a week! A slight loss in carbs (like a whole 10gr oh no lol) just to help tighten it up that last little bit, and the infamous water loading. 2.5 gallons of water per day and keeping my sodium intake consistent. Now I thought man I struggle most days to get in 4-5 liters how in the heck am I going to drink 10? Then I realized it really isn't that difficult at all. I watch the clock and try to guzzle a .5-1 liter per hour (depending on what time I wake up). Even with all of this water I AM STILL THIRSTY! I woke up this morning feeling dry in my mouth and had to chug a liter asap. I also woke up a pound down which is awesome! This was the day we would decide to remove dairy or not and since I am not bloating and already dropping weight I get to keep dairy and protein powder for a few more days. This made me unbelievably happy as I have been creating some amazing "milk"shakes with protein powder and cottage cheese. Now you would think with 2.5 gallons of water in my belly that 1) I wouldn't be hungry/have room for food and 2) want to find ways to add more volume to my food whilst staying on plan, but you'd be wrong. I am hungry like a hippo.

Today marks 6 days out from my first show and I get to pick up my custom designed suit from a fabulous local designer today. Super excited to get it! Actually I think I shall wait to post this until after I have it so I can post a pic of me in it :)