Sunday, January 29, 2012


I recently read a post by a woman who was crying out for motivation. She wanted other people to motivate her to lose weight and exercise. I see this kind of thing all.the.time. People are always looking for motivation from outside sources.

I am going to be honest and say this, NO ONE can find your motivation. NO ONE can motivate you to do what it is you *think* you need/want to do. Motivation? It's inside you! The only person who can motivate you is YOU. Either you want it or you don't. If you want it you will do it and achieve it. If you don't you will find excuses and seek motivation from others.

Now I do understand this frame of mind. Sometimes I just don't feel like eating this meal or going to the gym or whatever it is I am procrastinating. I'll say "someone please kick me in the butt, I need a little extra push today" But I know the only person who is actually going to kick me in the butt and give me that extra push is me. Why? It's simple. I am doing this for me. Not for facebook friends, not for a contest, not for my husband, it's all for me. And if doing it for me isn't enough to find the motivation then nothing will.

Stop asking for motivation from others and find it in yourself. Seek inspiration from others and motivate yourself.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healthy home, healthy body PART 2!

So last week I was talking about how my BFF (or BUFFY as our phones like to auto-correct to) Sarah and I were all "woe is me my house is a mess" but ere lacking the get up and go to do something about it. Really it was just easier to whine over texts than get off our duffs. I knew I had to make it a competition, something that would motivate us both and keep us focused.

Here is what we did. We both took a photo of one spot in the house that needed to e cleaned. We could only clean that area, no cleaning ADD and flitting from space to space accomplishing nothing. NO! We had to stay focused on our spot. We sent each other the before pictures, ow talk about embarrassing to share those! Then we cleaned. As soon as we finished that spot we took a photo and sent it off to each other. But you know cleaning just one spot isn't enough! This trend of taking photos and cleaning only that area went on for about 2 hours and we accomplished so much!

In the end we both felt so much better mentally and emotionally. We had a goal, we stay focused and we completed our mission. Honestly I think this is something I would like to do with my friend every Sunday. Otherwise known in my home as Sunday Funday, which really isn't any fun except well the house gets clean and no one has to listen to my nagging voice ;)

So if you are lacking that little oomph to get up and clear the dishes out of the sink or clean out that really awful pantry door or omg the refrigerator shelves *eek* grab a friend, snap some photos and see who can finish their cleaning mission first. Getting done and having accomplished something is really the best reward and will help keep your home healthy and your body free of stress to focus on other things, like getting to the gym!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Healthy home, healthy body

I had an interesting text conversation with my BFF over at Sarah Fitness (if you haven't check out her blog you should!) yesterday. We were both whining about how messy our homes were and rather than doing anything about it we just seemed to get more unmotivated, more tired, more depressed and more whiny.

Sarah works full time, runs a beachbody business, has 2 kids, a husband and still finds time to fit in fitness, so to say she is busy would definitely be an understatement! I myself just went from working full time while running a beachbody business, getting my hoopdance classes up and going, studying for my fitness nutrition specialist certification, taking care of 5 kids, a husband and fitting in time for fitness. While I was working I simply didn't have the time nor energy to keep up on the house. The kids tried but . . . we know how kids are. Both of our homes needed some TLC and we knew it wouldn't take much time it was just the lack of motivation and being overwhelmed about where to start.

While we were texting, for hours I might add, lamenting about our woes, a bright idea came to me! We both thrive on competition and having something concrete to focus on. Just saying the house needs to be cleaned wasn't going to do it, it was too broad and well if you've seen my home it's all open so most of the rooms really are just one big ass area lol so it's even harder to nail down saying "I'm going to clean X room". So what did we do? You'll have to check out my next blog post ;-)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make this year your year, what are you waiting for?

Remember that girl there on the left? That's the girl who started this blog. Unhappy, unfit, and unhealthy. She had some pretty serious goals she wanted to achieve but struggled to get there, floundering in a sea of way too much information and not knowing how to weed through it.

Then she became a beachbody coach. P90X and Shakeology helped get her going in the right direction. She started seeing fat loss and muscle gains but still she wanted more! She took a break from BB and hired a coach to help her pinpoint what it was sh couldn't figure out for herself to achieve what she wanted. She learned a LOT in the short time she worked with her coach and now she is kicking major ass! That girl is getting back to her beachbody business and is ready to build an amazing team!

Want to join me? Want to get Fit, Healthy and Happy? Want to be like the girl on the right? Simply Click Here!

PS - No I have no idea why I posted in the 3rd person other than it's late I am clearly delirious!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I write blogs now. Blogs are cool.

River is looking at my title as if I must be joking. She can be harsh sometimes.

This week has been interesting. I got my new bulking plan which means MORE! FOOD! and I lost 3#'s, umm yeah. Admittedly I hadn't been eating very well the past 2 weeks between the stomach flu and holiday stuff so the weight i had gained was likely glycogen and water. Getting back on track my body just flushed that stuff right out. It's good to be back on track with my eating, you don't realize just how awful bad food makes you feel until you are eating good clean healthy whole foods.

I also had 2 extra days off from work this week. I was miffed at first (especially as I didn't find out I was off until I went in to work my shift) but then realized it was a blessing. I needed some time away from the crazypit. I got some cleaning and organizing done and got hoops taped for a special order.

Today is going to suck however. I seem to be getting a sinus infection, I haven't had one in YEARS! UGH! I have things I need to finish today but really all I want to do is curl up in a ball and pass the hell out. Oh and I just got dumped on by work again, grrrrrrreat. I'll leave the very bad language out of the blog for now and put this instead:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

This blog has been sorely forgotten and left all alone for months! I think my first new years "will do" will be to make sure I blog at least once a week. The end of 2011 proved to be my busiest and most successful time to date!

Back in September I entered's military spokesmodel contest. Really it was just for the motivation and I had no grand ideas that I would win. I stuck to my workout and meal plan, kept track of my progress, wrote my blogs and submitted my photos. Then one day not long after the contest ended I received a phone call. I had one FIRST PLACE in the Navy female division!!! OMG!!! The changes I had achieved were incredible and to me that was the grand prize but I must say winning 1st place and the prize packages for that was pretty sweet too :)

During my journey my husband also decided to jump on the get fit and fabulous band wagon. I created a meal plan and workout plan for him and he jumped in without a second thought. I really am so proud of him! He lost a grand total of 25#'s and 22.5" which is just amazing, he is like an entirely different person. His changes were so dramatic that his Chief has asked me to come teach trainings on Wednesday's starting sometime this year.

To keep the momentum going I was invited to teach hoopdance at a professional dance studio in Bremerton! This is such a HUGE opportunity for me and I really hope the classes will take off. The pay is pretty much zilch right now but I'm ok with that, I sure didn't get into teaching for the money lol However this is going to make my already busy week even more busy since my classes are also on Wed and Fri. Factor in my full time job working at the local bakery and you have one jam packed schedule. Oh and did I mention I am also studying for my FNS and CPT? (that's fitness nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer). Yeah. And I eat 6 meals a day and train hard at the gym 4-5 days a week.

I know something is going to have to go soon, which will of course be the bakery job since I plan to make 2012 all about finally reaching and fulfilling my own goals (which yes I realize evolve and change rather frequently).

Here's to 2012 and my "Will Do" List :-)
1. I will blog at least once per week
2. I will get my FNS
3. I will get my CPT
4. I will quit my bakery job
5. I will continue my hoop training to become a master hooper.
6. I will work towards securing our budget and working toward financial freedom.
7. I will be diet compliant and see amazing muscle gains this year.
8. I will make 2012 my bitch!