Monday, January 16, 2012

Healthy home, healthy body

I had an interesting text conversation with my BFF over at Sarah Fitness (if you haven't check out her blog you should!) yesterday. We were both whining about how messy our homes were and rather than doing anything about it we just seemed to get more unmotivated, more tired, more depressed and more whiny.

Sarah works full time, runs a beachbody business, has 2 kids, a husband and still finds time to fit in fitness, so to say she is busy would definitely be an understatement! I myself just went from working full time while running a beachbody business, getting my hoopdance classes up and going, studying for my fitness nutrition specialist certification, taking care of 5 kids, a husband and fitting in time for fitness. While I was working I simply didn't have the time nor energy to keep up on the house. The kids tried but . . . we know how kids are. Both of our homes needed some TLC and we knew it wouldn't take much time it was just the lack of motivation and being overwhelmed about where to start.

While we were texting, for hours I might add, lamenting about our woes, a bright idea came to me! We both thrive on competition and having something concrete to focus on. Just saying the house needs to be cleaned wasn't going to do it, it was too broad and well if you've seen my home it's all open so most of the rooms really are just one big ass area lol so it's even harder to nail down saying "I'm going to clean X room". So what did we do? You'll have to check out my next blog post ;-)


  1. I just pay my sister to do it. We are all happier for it. She does a great job and I'm not bitching at the men folk. She needs the cash. I need clean. WIN

    1. Ha if my sister lived nearby this is exactly what I would do. She is an OCD cleaner and I . . . have never been.