Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make this year your year, what are you waiting for?

Remember that girl there on the left? That's the girl who started this blog. Unhappy, unfit, and unhealthy. She had some pretty serious goals she wanted to achieve but struggled to get there, floundering in a sea of way too much information and not knowing how to weed through it.

Then she became a beachbody coach. P90X and Shakeology helped get her going in the right direction. She started seeing fat loss and muscle gains but still she wanted more! She took a break from BB and hired a coach to help her pinpoint what it was sh couldn't figure out for herself to achieve what she wanted. She learned a LOT in the short time she worked with her coach and now she is kicking major ass! That girl is getting back to her beachbody business and is ready to build an amazing team!

Want to join me? Want to get Fit, Healthy and Happy? Want to be like the girl on the right? Simply Click Here!

PS - No I have no idea why I posted in the 3rd person other than it's late I am clearly delirious!