Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healthy home, healthy body PART 2!

So last week I was talking about how my BFF (or BUFFY as our phones like to auto-correct to) Sarah and I were all "woe is me my house is a mess" but ere lacking the get up and go to do something about it. Really it was just easier to whine over texts than get off our duffs. I knew I had to make it a competition, something that would motivate us both and keep us focused.

Here is what we did. We both took a photo of one spot in the house that needed to e cleaned. We could only clean that area, no cleaning ADD and flitting from space to space accomplishing nothing. NO! We had to stay focused on our spot. We sent each other the before pictures, ow talk about embarrassing to share those! Then we cleaned. As soon as we finished that spot we took a photo and sent it off to each other. But you know cleaning just one spot isn't enough! This trend of taking photos and cleaning only that area went on for about 2 hours and we accomplished so much!

In the end we both felt so much better mentally and emotionally. We had a goal, we stay focused and we completed our mission. Honestly I think this is something I would like to do with my friend every Sunday. Otherwise known in my home as Sunday Funday, which really isn't any fun except well the house gets clean and no one has to listen to my nagging voice ;)

So if you are lacking that little oomph to get up and clear the dishes out of the sink or clean out that really awful pantry door or omg the refrigerator shelves *eek* grab a friend, snap some photos and see who can finish their cleaning mission first. Getting done and having accomplished something is really the best reward and will help keep your home healthy and your body free of stress to focus on other things, like getting to the gym!


  1. Let's do it again this weekend. My house is messy again. <3 Buffy

  2. Mine too! I don't understand how it happens! I must hit the gym first and then pwo and shower. lol