Monday, May 30, 2011

letting it all hang loose

So the past few days I've been light on my exercise and eating however I want. I will admit it is a bit liberating not counting every calorie that enters my mouth. I don't feel any worse for just taking some time off, although I have kept busy with the massive spring cleaning this weekend. Despite all of that I decided to step on the scale and. . . I am down a lb in just a few days. I can't decide if I am happy or upset by it since I had been eating and working out to gain mass.

I am really excited to see what the Paleo plan will do for my body. It's been a very long 17 months trying to tweak everything to get my body to respond the way I want it to. I already eat fairly close to paleo, this will just be taking it a few steps further.

So today I am going to put away my measuring tapes, my bathroom scale and my food scale. I am going to enjoy my last 2 mornings of oatmeal breakfasts and coffee filled with half n half and sugar. I am going to throw caution to the wind and chow down on a big juicy bacon cheeseburger on wheat bun and munch on potato chips while I drink down an ice cold beer. I am going to clean my kitchen and prep my veggies & fruits and lay out my meal plan so when I wake up Wed I will be ready to start the month with a bang :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Whole30


My really cool friend, Sarah Brown, introduced me to the whole 30. I guess it's a paleo diet? It sounds interesting and hey it's summer which means I have access to lots of yummy fresh local produce! I am always looking for ways to eat better, live better, so I am jumping in! I will start on June 1 as I just prefer to start things on the 1st, makes it easier on my poor little brain!

I am still going with my P90X as well, following an altered plan for building mass which also means I have increased my food intake. I admit I am nervous about possible fat gain but so far (I'm only on week 2 of the new plan) it seems to be all right and I swear I am seeing a bit of definition in my thighs. For anyone else interested in this schedule check out Get Ripped At Home, they even have a sample meal plan which I use as a guide. One thing I do that is not listed is on my light cardio/off days I eat far less. Weight days I aim for 2300 calories and light/off days I aim for 1500-1600. Since the whole30 commands no calorie counting and no jumping on the scale (I'll have to get my husband to hide ours!) this should get realllly interesting!

Friday, May 13, 2011

High Five Friday

My mentor and new bff loves to theme her days. I think that's kind of cool, but I admit to being a smitten fan girl ;) My favorite of course is Awesomeday, known to the general public as Wednesday. Friday of course also has a theme and it's High Five's all around! Heck it even has a theme song courtesy of one Rebecca Black. Now her singing might not be so great and the lyrics are kind of lame but damnit the tune is catchy and I constantly find myself singing "Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday" and other lyrics. It does not help that there are some amazing artists out there doing covers of this song, I mean damn talk about taking it to the next level right?

Ok so along with this whole high five friday thing she also asks 5 questions. This is something I generally suck at so I may need a little google-fu help to come up with good questions ;)

What are your plans for the weekend?
Mine have had to change a little due to a family emergency and my husband flying out last minute tonight to MO however the general plan is to take 1 rest day and do some spring cleaning in the house, finish knitting a contest sock, and run a 5k, oh and the usual grocery shopping ::groan::

What was your last workout?
Husband and I just killed P90X legs and back and ab ripper X. I still have some step ups to do tonight and should probably get on that as soon as I am done here.

Do you have a favorite after workout meal or supplement?
Totally depends on the day and workout. If I am just doing cardio then I load up on P90X recovery formula (mmm that stuff is NUMMY!!). On weight lifting days it's either straight to dinner or I'll have a protein shake with 1/2 a fruit and 1/4 c oats blended with vanilla almond milk.

What is your favorite television show?
I have a few but I find it hard to keep up on shows as I only watch during a small timeframe while the kids are at school. I have my guilty pleasures like Nikita, HellCats, One Tree Hill & The Vampire Diaries and some more not so guilty pleasures such as Castle, Dr Who, Survivor, Lie to Me, Body of Evidence, The Big Bang Theory & HIMYM. And then I have my classics like Buffy, Firefly, Angel, That 70's show & Roseanne. Man it sounds like I watch a lot of tv but really only 2 maybe 3 hours a day and I am always knitting while watching.

What is a dream you have or something you'd like to accomplish in your life?
Oh gosh I have so many, but isn't that the wonderful thing about dreams and goals? I want to finish getting certified as a childbirth educator first and foremost and then delve into becoming a certified pre/post natal fitness instructor and nutritionist, I would like to continue to move up in my hooping skills and eventually open a women's only gym in Charleston with my sister, my cousin and a friend. I think the gym is the ultimate goal right now and it would have so many fabulous things going on with it. I am super excited to be able to get to that point in our lives where we can fund it and run it together.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

ADA & Beachbody Team up to help ppl with type 2 diabetes

A fantastic regimine designed by Kathy Smith in partnership with the American Diabetes Association. You get a 12 week fitnes and nutrition plan and it's a fabulous price!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another AWESOMEDAY recap :-)

Another awesomeday in the books and this one made even more awesome by the fantabulous weather we had yesterday. A nice little preview to spring :) So awesomeday went a little something like this

things that are awesome #1 My fav song from my fav movie via @youtube #awesomeday

things that are awesome #2 #starwarsday May the 4th be with you!

things that are awesome #3 Being a @Beachbody coach and getting paid to do what I love doing!

thing that are awesome #4 surprisingly enough this chocolate omelet with pb on top!

things that are awesome #5 pull up assist bands, no way i could do this pull up challenge without them!

things that are awesome #6 #Insanity core cardio & balance recovery wk workout @shaunTfitness makes me sweat and works my core the best!

things that are awesome #7 gorgeous warm sunshine, going for a walk with the dog right now :D

awesome things #8 prepping the rest of the wks breakfast -spinach/mush/broccoli eggwhite crustless quiche YUM

awesome thing #9 having a group of friends that can quickly recommend some good shin stretches ♥

awesome thing #10 blueberry chicken salad for lunch!

awesome thing #11 granny smith apple dipped in plain greek yogurt

awesome thing #12 ticket prices for flights to SC going down and becoming a bit more in my budget zone

awesome thing #13 having friends working through the same path to a new/healthier life as you are ♥

awesome thing #14, being a part of this company #forbesvideo Million Dollar Hula Hoop Business

awesome thing #15, @shakeology shake, buttery real popcorn, & Pixie's bedtime snuggles. Good night friends! #awesomeday

And 2 more awesome things I didn't post about? Getting a cafepress store started for Team Awesome! And The preliminary website up and running for Team Awesome!