Friday, May 27, 2011

The Whole30


My really cool friend, Sarah Brown, introduced me to the whole 30. I guess it's a paleo diet? It sounds interesting and hey it's summer which means I have access to lots of yummy fresh local produce! I am always looking for ways to eat better, live better, so I am jumping in! I will start on June 1 as I just prefer to start things on the 1st, makes it easier on my poor little brain!

I am still going with my P90X as well, following an altered plan for building mass which also means I have increased my food intake. I admit I am nervous about possible fat gain but so far (I'm only on week 2 of the new plan) it seems to be all right and I swear I am seeing a bit of definition in my thighs. For anyone else interested in this schedule check out Get Ripped At Home, they even have a sample meal plan which I use as a guide. One thing I do that is not listed is on my light cardio/off days I eat far less. Weight days I aim for 2300 calories and light/off days I aim for 1500-1600. Since the whole30 commands no calorie counting and no jumping on the scale (I'll have to get my husband to hide ours!) this should get realllly interesting!

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