Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year. . . 2 weeks late

I am so far behind in everything it seems these days. Life got pretty hectic around the holidays and we weren't even entertaining anyone or traveling anywhere!

I took a break from diet and exercise during that time and boy did I pay for it. My body was absolutely not happy with me and I ended up having some serious GI issues that kind of baffled the doctor. Amazingly enough once I was back on my regular routine my issues cleared up. Note to self, do not let holiday madness cause you to become "lazy" and let your health fail. Because, yea, that really sucked!

Now that I am back to normal I just finished week 2 of my P90X restart, even convinced my husband to join in so this is the end of week 1 for him. I decided to add an extra eek to my phase 1 so that we could stay in sync and workout together, I think it helps keep us both motivated and I looking forward to the many changes ahead for both of us!

I ca hardly contain myself with excitement over anticipation for next weekend. I'll be spending the entire weekend in Seattle for my Hoopnotica Hoop Dance teacher training. My course materials arrived yesterday and I am so thrilled! This is going to be such a fun and rewarding experience.

April will be bringing about even more excitement as I fly to NY for a 3 day weekend that includes my childbirth educator training workshop. Of course I will take some time to meet up with my Rav girlfriends and do some site seeing, eating and shopping :-)