Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegan Shakeology

I admit, I am leery about how something will taste when it's called vegan. I have had some very unpleasant tasting experiences that just leave me gun shy! I have been hearing about Vegan Shakeology since June of 2011 and knew some friends who had gotten to try it long before it was released. Everyone said it tasted great but . . . I still wondered.

Beachbody finally released their Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology on Valentine's day and my box arrived just 3 long days later. This was a highly anticipated arrival as TBB had really been hyping up this new flavor and formula. On the day my shakes arrived I immediately ran to the kitchen and blended one up. I kept it simple, water and frozen strawberries, so I would get the full effect of the flavor.

Oh sweet heaven! It was briliant! Now don't get me wrong I do love chocolate but after going almost totally sugar free and eating very clean it just tasted a bit too sweet and thick for me lately. The greenberry is definitely an acquired taste but had really been my go to over the past few weeks since it's much lighter in flavor and not so sweet. Tropical Shakeology blows those two out of the water. It's texture can be a little gritty but regardless it is light and perfectly sweet yet not sweet and doesn't have that overpowering thickness that the chocolate can get.

To celebrate, for the next week I am offering a Free Sample! To receive one simply go to my BeachBody website and sign up for the FREE account. After you have done so send me an email with your address. It's that easy :)