Friday, April 29, 2011

Month 1 woooo!

Tomorrow is my last work out for month 1 of Insanity! This month really flew by and my cardio has so greatly improved. I may not be seeing much in the way of physical results but seriously I love how much more lung capacity I have. During Pure cardio today I was thinking man if it weren't for the fact my quads are on fire I wouldn't need to take a break at all. And then all of a sudden the workout was over and I was totally bummed that I was done. 4 weeks ago I thought this workout was going to kill me, funny how hat has changed.

Despite my rather odd addiction to the Insanity I am very much looking forward to recovery week. Not to mention I'll be starting the P90X again with my husband now that he has finally been cleared to workout again. I have to say one thing I have truly missed with all of this cardio is lifting weights. I have noticed my arms and back are losing some of that definition I had gained from my last round and I want it back!

Now if I could just pinpoint why it is I can't get my body to let go of this little layer of fat on my belly & thighs and get my abs ripped again I'll be golden!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hooping at a Park opening

On a somewhat last minute invitation I was asked to hoop and bring hoops to a park opening in Seattle WA today. I was thrilled, a paid hooping gig where I get to share something I love with a bunch of people? Heck yea! There were camera/news crews there but to be honest I have no idea how much of the hooping they got as I was totally consumed with having fun in my hoop, helping others learn to hoop and making sure none of my hoop suddenly walked away ;)

It was such a gloriously beautiful day today, I mean we could not have asked for more perfect weather for this. I think I got about a months worth of Vitamin Sun in 2 hours, and a little bit if a sunburn to boot. I am physically exhausted, hooping for 2 hours is HARD, plus smiling, talking, walking, teaching. I should sleep good to night!

Now if I can figure out how to edit video I'll have something to post on my youtube page, looking for me there? You can find me under the name JennKnits. For now I leave you with this doofy faced happy hooper!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday = Awesomeday

So my coaches coach and friend/mentor of mine decided to make Wednesdays Awesomedays, I loved it last week and decided to jump on board with Team Awesome and do the same. So all day long on fb/twitter we post something awesome. I am going to recap my awesome day right here!

Awesome things
#1, losing 2.5" off my thighs bitches! (after 2 weeks of Insanity!)
#2 -- 4-20, party now for tomorrow skynet will get ya ;)
#3- jamming to Paula Cole in the car with the music turned as loud as I want!
#4- The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing
#5 -- procrastinating everything so I can enjoy my 1st latte in weeks!
#6 rewarding myself with a new bikini(s) saving $15 and getting a $25 swim tote for free :)
#7 getting my new HR monitor and my netrition order 1 day early!
#8 chocolate Shakeology® with PB2, frozen blueberries & vanilla almond milk for a quick healthy lunch ♥
#9 rocking my Dr Who TARDIS shirt :D

#10 when your son receives an award for ranking 10% of his 8th grade class in the district. Take that principals who all thought he should be stuck in 7th grade rather than skipping to 8th :P Eat my shorts!
#11 being able to pull my jeans down without having to unbutton them lol
#12 burning 620 cal with pure cardio & cardio abs Insanity®
#13 my husband cooking a kickass dinner while I workout ♥
#14 vanilla protein shake with banana & pb2
#15 is having a kid make it for you
#16 completing my hoarwars sock before getting killed (knitting game like assassin)
#17 peace & quiet before I fall asleep
#18 being part of Team Awesome, Sarah Brown & Brooke Lippy

and that is it! I am exhausted and ready to pass out, peace!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

They say that the hardest part is the start

How to psyche yourself up before you lace up your sneakers.

Do you have to really psyche yourself out before you can push play or lace up your shoes? Personally I do. I think I spend the first 3-4 hours of my morning warming myself up to the idea of getting all hot and sweaty. I'd probably expend a lot less energy if I would just get up and push play as soon as I wake up but where is the fun in that?

I love how I feel right after a workout though, I may be drag ass tired before, I may get my booty kicked during, but right after I have such a high and that is the part I love the most about exercise. 45 minutes later I am dragging again but so what, I killed it hard during that 45-55 minutes of a workout right? Is it nap time yet? lol

Tomorrow is my last day of week 2 of Insanity and then it will be fit test time again. Oh dear. I admit the fit test nearly killed me, I wonder how much I have improved just in 2 weeks? I am excited to find out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am so excited to have been invited to hoop at a Park Opening in just over a week. Of course this doesn't give me much time to prepare and if the weather keeps up the way it is I may be winging it out there! I am working on some fun simple choreography for my son and I to do as a quickie performance before we begin a bit of demo teaching. This is such a great opportunity to gain some exposure which of course makes me all that more nervous. Time to get my game face on!

I was really hoping to use today to record my practice so I'd have an idea of where I need to smooth things out, slow things down or eliminate something but of course as is typical of Washington weather it is pouring buckets :/ If it is raining tomorrow I may have to go use the community center hall to practice and record which will just be awkward :/

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A week! A week! A week!

Silly thing to be excited about but I made it through my 1st full week of Insanity + BBL! This week has taught me a lot. 1) I can actually do intense cardio without dying 2) It's probably wise to not combine BBL with Insanity since they both use the same muscle groups and double training can both cause injuries and wear out your muscles and 3) Wow do my joints hurt! Today is an Insanity rest day and I am working on next weeks schedule so I don't hurt myself and to add in some weight days because surprisingly enough I miss lifting and I miss Tony. I also invested in a glucosamine + chondroiton supplement and a thick foam floor mat to help my knees.

My workout plan for this following week:
Saturday (that's today):
BBL high & tight
P90X chest & back

cardio power resistance

Pure cardio

Plyo cardio circuit

BBL high & tight
P90X shoulders/arms

cardio power resistance

pure cardio
cardio abs

bbl high & tight
P90X chest & back

week 2 here I come :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yea, that hurt a little

I may have taken Monday by the horns but it came back and bit me in the ass Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! I was. . . sore to say the least. Tuesday I could barely walk so I took that as my rest day. One day in and having to rest, such crap! Wednesday I got in a BBL High & Tight and that was about all I could muster. Thursday was better so I did the BBL Sculpt but again chose not to push it with Insanity. I am feeling much better today, my muscles are not freezing up while I am sitting which is a major bonus! That means it's crank it back up time! Insanity cardio resistance was on the ticket this morning. I really liked this workout, intense yes but plenty of breaks to catch your breath before jumping right back in. After a break and some lunch, then a little knitting I dove right back in with high & tight. This is by far my favorite workout as it really hits every single muscle in the booty. And my booty got double time since todays Insanity also focused on the glutes!

Now it's time to go to "work". I never thought I would work my BB coach business, simply because I am not a salesperson and I always feel like when I start to talk about something I sound a bit like a used car salesman. I recently decided to change that! I love beachbody, I love what it has given back to me and I love that I can help others reach their goals too! Feel free to come check my coach page out and even sign up for a free beachbody account <3