Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday = Awesomeday

So my coaches coach and friend/mentor of mine decided to make Wednesdays Awesomedays, I loved it last week and decided to jump on board with Team Awesome and do the same. So all day long on fb/twitter we post something awesome. I am going to recap my awesome day right here!

Awesome things
#1, losing 2.5" off my thighs bitches! (after 2 weeks of Insanity!)
#2 -- 4-20, party now for tomorrow skynet will get ya ;)
#3- jamming to Paula Cole in the car with the music turned as loud as I want!
#4- The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing
#5 -- procrastinating everything so I can enjoy my 1st latte in weeks!
#6 rewarding myself with a new bikini(s) saving $15 and getting a $25 swim tote for free :)
#7 getting my new HR monitor and my netrition order 1 day early!
#8 chocolate Shakeology® with PB2, frozen blueberries & vanilla almond milk for a quick healthy lunch ♥
#9 rocking my Dr Who TARDIS shirt :D

#10 when your son receives an award for ranking 10% of his 8th grade class in the district. Take that principals who all thought he should be stuck in 7th grade rather than skipping to 8th :P Eat my shorts!
#11 being able to pull my jeans down without having to unbutton them lol
#12 burning 620 cal with pure cardio & cardio abs Insanity®
#13 my husband cooking a kickass dinner while I workout ♥
#14 vanilla protein shake with banana & pb2
#15 is having a kid make it for you
#16 completing my hoarwars sock before getting killed (knitting game like assassin)
#17 peace & quiet before I fall asleep
#18 being part of Team Awesome, Sarah Brown & Brooke Lippy

and that is it! I am exhausted and ready to pass out, peace!


  1. Good morning! Just stopping by to say hi! Congrats to your son! That is awesome :)