Thursday, April 14, 2011

They say that the hardest part is the start

How to psyche yourself up before you lace up your sneakers.

Do you have to really psyche yourself out before you can push play or lace up your shoes? Personally I do. I think I spend the first 3-4 hours of my morning warming myself up to the idea of getting all hot and sweaty. I'd probably expend a lot less energy if I would just get up and push play as soon as I wake up but where is the fun in that?

I love how I feel right after a workout though, I may be drag ass tired before, I may get my booty kicked during, but right after I have such a high and that is the part I love the most about exercise. 45 minutes later I am dragging again but so what, I killed it hard during that 45-55 minutes of a workout right? Is it nap time yet? lol

Tomorrow is my last day of week 2 of Insanity and then it will be fit test time again. Oh dear. I admit the fit test nearly killed me, I wonder how much I have improved just in 2 weeks? I am excited to find out!

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