Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hooping at a Park opening

On a somewhat last minute invitation I was asked to hoop and bring hoops to a park opening in Seattle WA today. I was thrilled, a paid hooping gig where I get to share something I love with a bunch of people? Heck yea! There were camera/news crews there but to be honest I have no idea how much of the hooping they got as I was totally consumed with having fun in my hoop, helping others learn to hoop and making sure none of my hoop suddenly walked away ;)

It was such a gloriously beautiful day today, I mean we could not have asked for more perfect weather for this. I think I got about a months worth of Vitamin Sun in 2 hours, and a little bit if a sunburn to boot. I am physically exhausted, hooping for 2 hours is HARD, plus smiling, talking, walking, teaching. I should sleep good to night!

Now if I can figure out how to edit video I'll have something to post on my youtube page, looking for me there? You can find me under the name JennKnits. For now I leave you with this doofy faced happy hooper!

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