Friday, April 29, 2011

Month 1 woooo!

Tomorrow is my last work out for month 1 of Insanity! This month really flew by and my cardio has so greatly improved. I may not be seeing much in the way of physical results but seriously I love how much more lung capacity I have. During Pure cardio today I was thinking man if it weren't for the fact my quads are on fire I wouldn't need to take a break at all. And then all of a sudden the workout was over and I was totally bummed that I was done. 4 weeks ago I thought this workout was going to kill me, funny how hat has changed.

Despite my rather odd addiction to the Insanity I am very much looking forward to recovery week. Not to mention I'll be starting the P90X again with my husband now that he has finally been cleared to workout again. I have to say one thing I have truly missed with all of this cardio is lifting weights. I have noticed my arms and back are losing some of that definition I had gained from my last round and I want it back!

Now if I could just pinpoint why it is I can't get my body to let go of this little layer of fat on my belly & thighs and get my abs ripped again I'll be golden!



    Most of my "fit" friends do the Paleo Diet. They are lean and strong.

  2. I will have to look more in to that, I know a few ppl who follow it but never really delved in to what it's all about