Thursday, September 2, 2010

So. . . yeah

I find myself 9 days past my last blog post and falling into some really old bad habits. Poor budget planning (and forgetting about an automatic withdrawal) left us very low on funds so I had to plan meals/grocery shopping very carefully. Since I was not going to be able to buy enough food to eat properly for my workouts I didn't do another workout after Wed. Now here it is, a few days after payday and I am still not back on the workout wagon and rather enjoying my freedom from it all. Not making myself sit down and eat 3 meals, plus snacks & supps, not forcing myself out to the garage for an hour long workout where I usually end up stressed out not 5 miutes in to it b/c one kid after another (and often the same one over and over) have to stick their head out into the garage and bug me about something. Never mind that the 2 hours prior to that no one paid me any attention or needed me at all. Nope, it's just when I am breathless and exerting myself that suddenly I am the most needed person on the planet. Is it any wonder I don't look forward to my workouts? The funny thing is even though I do get irritated and stressed during, I absolutely LOVE how I feel when I am done. Like I know the first 10-12 minutes on the elliptical is the hardest and I really have to push myself through them, but then the endorphins kick in and I am almost sad when my 30 minutes is up as I could likely go longer.

So this past week I have been eating like crap, skipping breakfast, 1/2 a pnut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit for lunch, and then dinner was 1 of a few different varieties of hamburger helper. We even had a sloppy joe night and 2 nights ago we had pizza (thanks to a power outage that was 4 hours long right at dinnertime). The few times we have had to revert back to the junky crap dinners (hmm I think it's been almost a year since the last time!) I find myself suddenly craving all the bad foods and not wanting to eat anything that is good for me. I think I have now gotten myself into the mindset that I'll pick back up my workout regime after the kids go back to school next week. I'll have the house to myself and no one to bug me! Until then though I need to work on getting myself back into my healthy eating habits. The good news is that even though I have been eating like crap and not exercising, the weight is still coming off and I am down another pound this week! I will be happy for the weight loss to stay in the 1-6 more pounds down range, that's a good healthy weight for me and where I used to strive to gain to be that weight. Guess all I needed to do was move to the PNW and suffer serious Vit D deficiencies, and thus suffer major health issues in order to gain that weight.