Friday, April 1, 2011

Yea, that hurt a little

I may have taken Monday by the horns but it came back and bit me in the ass Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! I was. . . sore to say the least. Tuesday I could barely walk so I took that as my rest day. One day in and having to rest, such crap! Wednesday I got in a BBL High & Tight and that was about all I could muster. Thursday was better so I did the BBL Sculpt but again chose not to push it with Insanity. I am feeling much better today, my muscles are not freezing up while I am sitting which is a major bonus! That means it's crank it back up time! Insanity cardio resistance was on the ticket this morning. I really liked this workout, intense yes but plenty of breaks to catch your breath before jumping right back in. After a break and some lunch, then a little knitting I dove right back in with high & tight. This is by far my favorite workout as it really hits every single muscle in the booty. And my booty got double time since todays Insanity also focused on the glutes!

Now it's time to go to "work". I never thought I would work my BB coach business, simply because I am not a salesperson and I always feel like when I start to talk about something I sound a bit like a used car salesman. I recently decided to change that! I love beachbody, I love what it has given back to me and I love that I can help others reach their goals too! Feel free to come check my coach page out and even sign up for a free beachbody account <3

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