Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting the week off right

Monday -- the dreaded first day of the week, the day that everything falls to shit for no reason other than it's Monday. Well fuck that noise, I grabbed Monday by the horns and I am making it my bitch.

I have a nice laundry list of things that have to get done today so I made sure to get to sleep early so I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed come morning. Amazingly enough I woke up at 5am and cuddled with my Pixie for awhile, then it was off to get the kids ready for school. Once they were gone I admit I snuck in a quick 1 hour nap but damn it felt good! Hopped out of bed, made my coffee, checked my messages and said LET"S GO BODY!

Got up off my ass and hit it with Bum Bum & Tummy Tuck from Brazil Butt lift. After I made a fabulous breakfast yumm and sat back down to check more messages and type this up. I still have Shaun T's plyo to do today, get dinner prepped so the family has something to eat while I am off teaching a hoopdance class tonight, oh and yea squeeze in some neglected knitting ;) I have to say I am feeling great and this Monday has been owned!


  1. "I grabbed Monday by the horns and I am making it my bitch".

    loving that quote!

  2. It grabbed me right back and showed me who was boss LOL