Sunday, March 27, 2011

That was INSANE!

I changed my fitness plan for this month and switched to a BBL + Insanity plan. I have the husband and the 2 older boys doing Insanity with me. Ethan & Jared plan to start track again this year so Insanity is a great plan for them. Shaun T's background is in track so his workouts are definitely geared to the runner. We all did the fit test today and I have to say that is some serious shit. It's nice to see where we all have different strengths and weaknesses (I am the push up jack Queen yeeaaa!) and I am excited to see how much we improve over the next 60 days.

I missed my 1 year yay me for sticking to exercising and eating great anniversary so I plan to dig through some previous photo and do a collage so I can see how much improvement I have made in the past year. I know it is there but I do still feel a bit frustrated that the changes aren't happening faster. I haven't given up yet and I don't plan too! As long as there is always a new and exciting workout from Beachbody I am sure to keep going.

As for the health issues, well I was blown off again. Totally figures and left me feeling worn down. I decided it's time to jut take matters in to my own hands again so I ordered some new adrenal fatigue supplements. I plan to give them 1-2 months and if there is no improvement between that and removing gluten from my diet then I will go back and push to be listened to and taken seriously.

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