Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I cannot believe I just said Holla! I kind of detest when people say that, or maybe it's just the Princess chicks from Happily Never After 2 (for which I was subjected to one night by the lovely Pixie). Now someone want to tell me where the last 2 months disappeared to?

My Hoopnotica training in Seattle was FAAAABULOUS! I learned so much, more than I would have had I opted for the cheaper distance training program. It was awesome to have the live feedback and have someone be able to say yes you are doing it right, keep doing that and it will click OR try this instead you may find it flows better for you. Truly a valuable class. I have since taught one 1-hour demo class at a semi-local gym. The space is small so classes are small but I think that will work out best for everyone, less pressure on me and more intimate for the students. I have another demo class coming up on Monday that I am just so excited for!

As for P90X well, things got crazy. Nate hurt his shoulder and had to drop out, kids got sick, I got sick, and I found it was just so darn boring without my workout partner to keep me challenged. And so at week 6, just like my 1st round) I dropped out. The difference this time is that I haven't stopped working out or minding my diet. The other difference, this round really made a huge impact on me. I gained some very nice muscle in my back & biceps and my cardio is through the roof! I can now run 2+ miles without huffing and puffing. I never was able to make it past week 5 on the C25K, now I am ready to train for a 10K, thank you Plyometrics & Tony Horton <3

In the interim I signed on to be a BeachBody coach which I am loving, mostly for the discounts ;) I love my BB products, Shakeology, Recovery drink, the workouts . . . all of it! And I love the connections I have made with other coaches, it's really inspiring.

While I am waiting for the husband to be ready to jump back in to the program I am starting another round of Brazil Butt Lift and hoping for better results this time. By the end (4 weeks) Nate should be ready to go and I'll be working a P90X/Insanity hybrid. Yea I may be insane but I really want to keep the cardio improving and balance out the resistance/upper body weight training of Tony with some kick ass cardio and legs a la Shaun T. After that I am thinking maybe TurboFire & RevAbs while I wait for the new P90X:MC2 to be released.

Speaking of better results, I may have finally pinpointed my own health issues and why I have struggled so much, including that where-did-you-come-from-20lb-gain-in-one-year issues. I check in Friday for my lab results but may need a few more blood tests run. If My gut is right then I have hypothyroidism which explains so much of the problems I have been having, all problems that so far have been written off by no less than 3 different doctors. If I am right (or heck if I am wrong and it's something else) then I'll be able to get myself taken care of and I bet then I'll tart seeing some kick ass results. I am sure since I am working against my body at the moment that that is the #1 reason results have been so hard to attain. But I won't give up!

So what are you doing to get fit and stay healthy this month? Remember that you are as important to take care of as everyone else and you should always make time to take care of you, even if it's only 30 minutes, just do it!

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