Saturday, April 9, 2011

A week! A week! A week!

Silly thing to be excited about but I made it through my 1st full week of Insanity + BBL! This week has taught me a lot. 1) I can actually do intense cardio without dying 2) It's probably wise to not combine BBL with Insanity since they both use the same muscle groups and double training can both cause injuries and wear out your muscles and 3) Wow do my joints hurt! Today is an Insanity rest day and I am working on next weeks schedule so I don't hurt myself and to add in some weight days because surprisingly enough I miss lifting and I miss Tony. I also invested in a glucosamine + chondroiton supplement and a thick foam floor mat to help my knees.

My workout plan for this following week:
Saturday (that's today):
BBL high & tight
P90X chest & back

cardio power resistance

Pure cardio

Plyo cardio circuit

BBL high & tight
P90X shoulders/arms

cardio power resistance

pure cardio
cardio abs

bbl high & tight
P90X chest & back

week 2 here I come :D

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