Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another AWESOMEDAY recap :-)

Another awesomeday in the books and this one made even more awesome by the fantabulous weather we had yesterday. A nice little preview to spring :) So awesomeday went a little something like this

things that are awesome #1 My fav song from my fav movie via @youtube #awesomeday

things that are awesome #2 #starwarsday May the 4th be with you!

things that are awesome #3 Being a @Beachbody coach and getting paid to do what I love doing!

thing that are awesome #4 surprisingly enough this chocolate omelet with pb on top!

things that are awesome #5 pull up assist bands, no way i could do this pull up challenge without them!

things that are awesome #6 #Insanity core cardio & balance recovery wk workout @shaunTfitness makes me sweat and works my core the best!

things that are awesome #7 gorgeous warm sunshine, going for a walk with the dog right now :D

awesome things #8 prepping the rest of the wks breakfast -spinach/mush/broccoli eggwhite crustless quiche YUM

awesome thing #9 having a group of friends that can quickly recommend some good shin stretches ♥

awesome thing #10 blueberry chicken salad for lunch!

awesome thing #11 granny smith apple dipped in plain greek yogurt

awesome thing #12 ticket prices for flights to SC going down and becoming a bit more in my budget zone

awesome thing #13 having friends working through the same path to a new/healthier life as you are ♥

awesome thing #14, being a part of this company #forbesvideo Million Dollar Hula Hoop Business

awesome thing #15, @shakeology shake, buttery real popcorn, & Pixie's bedtime snuggles. Good night friends! #awesomeday

And 2 more awesome things I didn't post about? Getting a cafepress store started for Team Awesome! And The preliminary website up and running for Team Awesome!

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