Thursday, January 5, 2012

I write blogs now. Blogs are cool.

River is looking at my title as if I must be joking. She can be harsh sometimes.

This week has been interesting. I got my new bulking plan which means MORE! FOOD! and I lost 3#'s, umm yeah. Admittedly I hadn't been eating very well the past 2 weeks between the stomach flu and holiday stuff so the weight i had gained was likely glycogen and water. Getting back on track my body just flushed that stuff right out. It's good to be back on track with my eating, you don't realize just how awful bad food makes you feel until you are eating good clean healthy whole foods.

I also had 2 extra days off from work this week. I was miffed at first (especially as I didn't find out I was off until I went in to work my shift) but then realized it was a blessing. I needed some time away from the crazypit. I got some cleaning and organizing done and got hoops taped for a special order.

Today is going to suck however. I seem to be getting a sinus infection, I haven't had one in YEARS! UGH! I have things I need to finish today but really all I want to do is curl up in a ball and pass the hell out. Oh and I just got dumped on by work again, grrrrrrreat. I'll leave the very bad language out of the blog for now and put this instead:

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