Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

This blog has been sorely forgotten and left all alone for months! I think my first new years "will do" will be to make sure I blog at least once a week. The end of 2011 proved to be my busiest and most successful time to date!

Back in September I entered's military spokesmodel contest. Really it was just for the motivation and I had no grand ideas that I would win. I stuck to my workout and meal plan, kept track of my progress, wrote my blogs and submitted my photos. Then one day not long after the contest ended I received a phone call. I had one FIRST PLACE in the Navy female division!!! OMG!!! The changes I had achieved were incredible and to me that was the grand prize but I must say winning 1st place and the prize packages for that was pretty sweet too :)

During my journey my husband also decided to jump on the get fit and fabulous band wagon. I created a meal plan and workout plan for him and he jumped in without a second thought. I really am so proud of him! He lost a grand total of 25#'s and 22.5" which is just amazing, he is like an entirely different person. His changes were so dramatic that his Chief has asked me to come teach trainings on Wednesday's starting sometime this year.

To keep the momentum going I was invited to teach hoopdance at a professional dance studio in Bremerton! This is such a HUGE opportunity for me and I really hope the classes will take off. The pay is pretty much zilch right now but I'm ok with that, I sure didn't get into teaching for the money lol However this is going to make my already busy week even more busy since my classes are also on Wed and Fri. Factor in my full time job working at the local bakery and you have one jam packed schedule. Oh and did I mention I am also studying for my FNS and CPT? (that's fitness nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer). Yeah. And I eat 6 meals a day and train hard at the gym 4-5 days a week.

I know something is going to have to go soon, which will of course be the bakery job since I plan to make 2012 all about finally reaching and fulfilling my own goals (which yes I realize evolve and change rather frequently).

Here's to 2012 and my "Will Do" List :-)
1. I will blog at least once per week
2. I will get my FNS
3. I will get my CPT
4. I will quit my bakery job
5. I will continue my hoop training to become a master hooper.
6. I will work towards securing our budget and working toward financial freedom.
7. I will be diet compliant and see amazing muscle gains this year.
8. I will make 2012 my bitch!

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