Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peak Week!

Before I delved into actually becoming a competitor I heard a lot of talk about peak week. I didn't really understand what it was or meant other than it being that week before a competition. The things I read some of these gals were doing (not just in peak week but their entire contest prep) scared me a little. Eating only asparagus, tilapia and boiled chicken? Ew! Loading up on distilled water and dropping all sodium, uh what? Double or triple cardios, are you insane? No fruit, little to no carbs, oh my!

That seemed to be the standard and I didn't want to do the standard, I didn't want to be another story of a metabolic damaged competitor. I knew I wouldn't compete if that was what I had to put my body through. Thankfully I had found LBC/MMT long before the thought of competing had ever crossed my mind and I knew this was not the way they prepped.

So here I am, finally at peak week and my prep hasn't felt like a prep at all! Carbs with most of my meals, fruit in 2 of my meals, no magic fish (aka tilapia), no boiled chicken or distilled water and if I don't want to eat asparagus I don't have to! Now don't get me wrong I love asparagus and I like tilapia as well, but I chose not to eat them simply as me being defiant to the "standard contest prep" diet. I know, soooo mature ;)

What did change for peak week? Oh well we changed up my cardio a little, and I am still doing less than 3 hours a week, yes a week! A slight loss in carbs (like a whole 10gr oh no lol) just to help tighten it up that last little bit, and the infamous water loading. 2.5 gallons of water per day and keeping my sodium intake consistent. Now I thought man I struggle most days to get in 4-5 liters how in the heck am I going to drink 10? Then I realized it really isn't that difficult at all. I watch the clock and try to guzzle a .5-1 liter per hour (depending on what time I wake up). Even with all of this water I AM STILL THIRSTY! I woke up this morning feeling dry in my mouth and had to chug a liter asap. I also woke up a pound down which is awesome! This was the day we would decide to remove dairy or not and since I am not bloating and already dropping weight I get to keep dairy and protein powder for a few more days. This made me unbelievably happy as I have been creating some amazing "milk"shakes with protein powder and cottage cheese. Now you would think with 2.5 gallons of water in my belly that 1) I wouldn't be hungry/have room for food and 2) want to find ways to add more volume to my food whilst staying on plan, but you'd be wrong. I am hungry like a hippo.

Today marks 6 days out from my first show and I get to pick up my custom designed suit from a fabulous local designer today. Super excited to get it! Actually I think I shall wait to post this until after I have it so I can post a pic of me in it :)

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