Wednesday, June 30, 2010

week 5 day 1

You are my bitch! Today's run was 3 intervals of 5 minute jog-3 minute recovery walk. Each jog is exactly 2 laps which means 1) it's easy to push myself knowing where I'll get to be able to walk and 2) I am averaging about 11mph, not too bad! But damn, that last lap of the last run is torture, pure hell I tell you. I thought I was going to pass out as I came around the bend to finish the 1st half but I pushed it and mentally yelled at myself the rest of the lap. I refused to give up or quit, telling myself that if I could conquer week 4 then I could conquer any of the other runs. Man was I happy to finish that final lap and be able to walk though.

Next run is 2 intervals of 8 minute jog with a 5 minute walk and then day 3 is the big 20 minute straight run. 10 laps of torture that in some ways I hope will be done here in WA where it's cooler while the other part wants it to happen in SC b/c that'll mean I am on vacation. The thought of making that 20 minute jog in the heat and humidity of the south is rather intimidating however.


  1. Running in heat and humidity sucks, but it's doable. Either do it early in the morning or in the evening. DH and I are on a similar schedule, this week is 5 minutes running/4 walking, 3 intervals. Next week will be 6 and 3. The past two weeks, it was 85 degrees and about 70% humidity each time. Bleh. That last minute of running is REALLY hard.

  2. Yea that's the plan is to get up early and run, much as I hate mornings but I'd rather not wait to run until 10pm so I'll just have to deal with waking up at like 5 am UGH.