Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gotta kick it up!

After a much better food/exercise/rest day I decided to reweigh myself this morning and it's at 126, now I know it's not possible to drop 2 lbs in a day so I am pretty sure it was water wt most likely (I was slacking the last few days). I had an alright run last night, my shins are starting to hurt again though. I wish I could afford to go in and have a good shoe fitting done and buy the proper shoes. Still I want to drop another 6 lbs before we get to SC but not only the lbs I want the inches to budge! I cannot seem to understand why no matter what I have done I am not getting firmer more toned and dropping the inches.

So I am going to add to my plan on m-w-f with my cardio days I am also going to work the slim in 6 workouts. I just watched all 3 videos and man they are kind of sloooow very boring and pretty much all cardio so it fits in with that days workout. On T-Th-Sa I am already doing the 30 day shred 200 situps and 100 pushups but will add 100 squats as well (or is it 200? gotta go back and look).

I think by the time I finish the shred and 100/200 challenges I can start on P90 or P90x. I refuse to let my body win this battle and I am going to push it to it's limit and then push it a little more.


  1. Lizzard MacLeatherbackJune 15, 2010 at 11:33 PM

    And again... I am a lazy pillowcase full of soft, fluffy down relative to YOUR BAD ASS!!

    Nicely done. ;) Now to go look up these challenges you speak of. And my sorry ass not a five minute walk from a high school track. Just slap me.

  2. OMG you changed your name, I am dying laughing here.

    I swear if my soft fluffy shit doesnt start getting hard and toned soon i am gonna go apeshit on someone. I am at what week 15? 16? of 5-6 day a week workouts alternating cardio & strength training and nothing has budged, wtf yo?