Monday, June 28, 2010

week 4 is done!

It was a little easier to run today despite having run yesterday. I am trying to push my way up through week 5 before we go to Charleston. I am not sure if I'll hit day 3 before we leave since that would fall on Sun and if flights leave out of here like I hope I plan to be in Chas by Sat. Ah but the joy of military flights is that I am at the mercy of their schedules.

Weigh in this morning sucked, 129lbs :/ We have had no meat in over a week so everything I have been eating has been fresh local foods! Ok except that night we had pizza (I worked a long day!) so what gives? I had hoped to be down to 120 before going on vacay and that was the goal I set to buy myself a new 'kini but hmm maybe not so much now b/c no way 9lbs will drop in 5 days. Trying to increase my water intake to 3 liters and get back to tracking my food. I think I'll also work the 30 day shred every day rather than very other day. Alright body time for you to start cooperating with me!

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