Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a Fabulous Saturday!

The sun finally appeared in Washington and it was hot! Just the motivation I needed to be able to get some more work done in the yard tackling those clover patches. Now I personally like clover but with trying to get things ready to sell this place in 2 years I have to think about presentation to potential buyers and most people consider clover to be weed so it's got to go. Since the kids play in the yard and the deer eat our grass I'd like to not use chemicals as much as possible so I am pulling the clover out by hand. No easy feat in certain areas where it is really thick and the vines are all intertwined. I got the biggest patch out today, 5 hours I was out in the sun today and it felt great! I have a few more smaller patches that I should hopefully get to knock out this week as long as the weather holds out.

My dear husband went and got me a dandelion weed popper. Now the one I remember from my childhood was so much fun, the new ones are a little different, just as effective but not as fun. I cannot believe how much dandelion came up this year. See last year I killed them all and 1/3 of the grass using chemical weeder. Those lil dandelion shits laughed at me and for every one killed 10 more took it's place this year. So perhaps it was justice for using the chemicals and I won't do that again. By hand (er popper) it is. I do say I may suck it up and use a chemical fertilizer though since the grass is looking pretty sad.

I am trying to get a head start on my new challenges so for the last 2 days I have kept my liter bottle at my side. Yesterday I drank 2 liters and found I was still thirsty but as it was then midnight and I was having a mini freak out over a stupid ass movie I watched I said fuggit and just went thirsty. Today I am chugging down my 3rd liter. I am sure the fact I spent all day out in the sun and it's hot has really helped with that. It is easier than I thought it would be and now my body won't go in to shock when I start my programs up again on Monday. I am even thinking of adding in the 100pushup/2oositup plan to my schedule. It's similar to the C25K in that it works you up in stages. I looked it over and it looks pretty awesome. Sure I can do 30 girl pushups and 50 crunches but wouldn't it be frakkin awesome to do 100/200? I'd love to build up the strength to do a for real pushup, that would seriously rock my world.

And now time to snuggle up with that man of mine and crash into slumber, a well deserved one at that!

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