Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Despite my busyness I have not let myself fall off the workout wagon, I did however fall back into my poor eating habits of skipping breakfast and grabbing whatever for lunch and dinners have been lame too as I try to avoid the grocery store so we can empty the fridge before our vacay.

In the last 2ish weeks I have designed 2 socks (one of which I kind of decided to scrap) and then knit like a crazy fool on a different pattern for an annual "HoarWars" event in the yarn swap group I created. What is hoarwars you ask? It's a knitting competition very similar to the street game "Assassin". Every person is an assassin, has a target and is also a target. The premise is to knit a sock from a pattern that isn't revealed until the start of the game and get it sent to your target, killing them before your assassin kills you. It's a lot of fun but can be very time consuming. However I knit a delicious pair of merino/cashmere socks I hand dyed for my target, someone I think of as a long distance yarny mom. Want to see the socks? Here they are!

and here is a singleton of the sock I designed for this event

I know it's not as spectacular as the cabled ones and truth be told it's because my ideas kept turning to shit mid design and I went the easy route. Also the pattern only had to be on the leg of the sock (which is what I did for the model) whereas I decided to knit the pattern all the way down the cabled sock to give myself a disadvantage knowing I could have won the 1st kill of the contest had I gone the easy route.

Ok enough about my knitting prowess let's talk running! I have been sticking to the c25k pretty well. Last week I was running 2 circuits instead of 1 in order to prepare myself for week 4 and it worked!! The first time I got to week 4 I hit a major mental block and quit. I have now completed week 4 day 2! I am looking forward to day 3 which I may go ahead and do tomorrow so I can get cracking on week 5. I do not really want to work week 5 in the heat of Charleston, not that week 6 will be pleasant but seems to be less hard than week 5. The upside to Chas is I will have access to a track that is distanced correctly unlike our schools track. I have been keeping up with Jillian and working my way through level 2. The cardio on level 2 kills me which I just don't get. I can do week 4 of c25k without breathing hard (although my legs are screaming) but I want to literally die and my lungs explode on the 30day cardio, what?!

My weight keeps bouncing around, last week it hit 125 and this week it's been siting around 127, probably due to my crap eating. I did however finally get a measurable difference on my hips and thighs where I lost 1" on both! It's not much but it is progress. Now if I could just get those jigglypuff thighs to tone up and drop 2 more inches I think I'd be satisfied. I'd also really like to see my abs showing. If it weren't for that belly pooch I'd probably be sporting a 4pack at least, I have abs of steel yo. I am hopeful that between the running, the shred, and the 100 pushup/200 situp/100 squats challenges I am doing that things will get moving soon. They better! I start week 3 on those this week and whew I can't wait!

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