Saturday, June 12, 2010

the importance of rest

I never really fully got the whole "it's important to sleep 7-8 hours per night" thing. I am a nightowl, it's when I can just let it all hang out and enjoy the peace & quiet no mommy mommy mommy mom mom mommy mom MOOOOOMMM!!! The last 2 nights of not sleeping until 3 am and thereby staying in bed far later than usual has really messed me up. I am so so exhausted. I took Friday as my rest day instead of Sunday so ha to do my run today. Bad thing is I spent most of last night bawling my eyes out over a GD Hilary Duff movie. It took watching an episode of Bones to lull me to sleep.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day here in WA and I wanted to take advantage of what I could so out I went to the yard to pull up more clover only to realize that massive patch was sprouting again. After going after it again and another patch I finally said screw this I am never going to be able to pull out all of these roots & vines so off to the hardware store I went. I almost didn't want to leave for once I walked up to the garden are I caught a whiff of the sweet sweet smell of a southern Magnolia tree and beside it blossoming honeysuckle vines. I felt almost home, as if I was walking through Magnolia Gardens on balmy spring day. And then I snapped out of it, remembered I was pitching a hissy fit and I came there for supplies. Chemicals, deadly, nasty, gross chemicals. The thing I said I was not going to resort to and I totally did. Fine I want to spend the few nice sunny hot days we have enjoying the sun not bent over with my hands in the dirt yanking up weeds, vines & roots ok? Ok.

When I got home I checked the mail an there was an envelope from ICEA. I was thinking oh maybe it's membership information? So I open it up and start to read and. . . OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD! I got the scholarship so my registration fee and exam fees are paid in full! I am officially registered in the Childbirth Education Course and have all of my training materials. All I need are to purchase the reading books ($250 ish if I buy from the website) and save up to go to a training workshop. The one I really really really want to attend is in Oct but it's like $750 and that doesn't include airfare or hotel or food. I so wish there was a way to raise the funds for that super quick.

Back to the whole rest thing. . . I did my run at 7pm b/c no effing way was I running on the blacktop during the daytime nuh uh no way no how, even at 7 it as still bright and warm. This was a pretty lousy run, only 9 laps and I was very very slow. Obviously my body is having trouble running under the exhaustion. The really sad thing is? I didn't feel like I as exerting a lot of energy, I had no problems breathing in fact I never got out of breath like I normally do and yet I felt like at any moment my legs would just curl up under me so I could take a nap. Now that I am home, showered and in bed I can barely formulate a thought or coherent sentence. My girls keep asking me things and my brain goes all mushy and confused. I guess this is a sign to put on some bones and curl up under the covers for an early night, I need it! But first, i am kind of hungry and could use a snack!


  1. So great about your news! Happy for you.

  2. Yay for your scholarship!!!!

  3. I am so excited! Now I need to get some black ink so I can print out all of my modules, no way can I read all of this stuff on the computer, my eyes will go hurty.

  4. Lizzie MacRedheadJune 14, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    I'm lusting after your gorgeous WA day, though in honestly I've been loving our rainy and 60ish days here. But GD Hilary Duff??!! I think you might have earned that on your own! Bwaha! I can dig Bones for a palate cleansing though... imagine the dreams you would've had fresh from HD? And your scholarship? DUDE!!! That is the COOLEST THING... in a long time, anyway! So happy for you!!!!! You will be such a great support for women giving birth. Your kind are direly needed out there!

    Also - I'm hell-bent on growing Honeysuckle out here. I can smell it just reading and typing the word. *sigh* Furthermore.. check your gmail. I wrote you there. ;-x

  5. I was thinking oh hilary duff light easy movie to fall asleep to right? wrong! if you were ever a tortured depressed teen screaming out for help and being ignored do not, i repeat do not watch according to greta. great ending but fuuuuuck!

    I am so psyched about this scholarship. I just wish I knew how to raise $850 by Aug 13 and then another $500 by end of Sept so I could go to the mega conference in Milwaukee. Gaah Penny Simkin will be there, dude she is like my idol and if shelia kitzinger were there as well i'd probably commit murder to be able to go lol)

    mmm honeysuckle. I really need to make myself a southern garden escape even if it will only be for 2 yrs ;)