Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's get one thing straight America. . .

unless you are Native American/Indian guess what? You are an illegal immigrant! Is it time to send this country a good old fashioned history lesson? I mean this history isn't even that old and somehow we (general we here) have forgotten it already?

Ok so let's step back in time to 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue, he landed in America, thought it was India, what a tool. He treated the natives like shit, enslaved them, cut off hands and all if they did not bring him the right amount of gold every day. With his discovery of this new land (and hey didn't the Vikings actually "discovery" it first, no respect I tell ya!) came about trade and immigration. Let's then FF about 200 yrs and we have . . .

The Mayflower. It brought over the first group of pilgrims to settle the land. People who fled Europe due to religious persecution. At first they were friendly with the natives who taught them how to survive this harsh land. Yay friends! Now we have Thanksgiving to celebrate this sharing of information, wealth and land. Next thing ya know more and more people are immigrating to this new land. A land already ruled and occupied by the Indian people who have their own laws and government mind you. They were ind enough to share as they felt the land belonged to everyone.

Now we have the 13 colonies and soon enough it's getting too crowded so these immigrants decide to spread out and head west. GOLD!! woohoo! Now let's strip the land of it's natural resources, sweet! The more immigrants that land, the more they spread out the less food their is for the Natives and these immigrants are spreading their disease, killing the natives who are not used to these strange germs. They are being moved from their homes as more people invade their space, starving, freezing and being treated like crap. Then this new white man government that thinks they are the rightful owners to all of this land and everything in it decide these natives no longer own their homes. Thy create reservations and round up all of the Natives, the ones who welcomed them with open arms and taught them how to survive this land remember, and sent them on the trail of tears. So many lives were lost, the travel was harsh, disease and famine were rampant. In effect, this was a genocide of these people, many tribes were wiped out and they are now very few left.

I also recently learned something new (as in I did not previously know this fact, I love learning!). The area we now call Texas was once part of Mexico. The Mexicans allowed the white people to occupy their land. When they wanted to separate from Mexico they were able to not only have an army to fight but to win the battle, thanks to the illegal immigrants they allowed on to their land. Guess who is now considered the illegal immigrants in Texas? I bet you can guess.

Let's think about this, unless you are NA/Indian then guess what? You are an illegal immigrant. Just because the white race is majority and stronger with more fire power does not mean they are right (yes I am white, I am also Cherokee & Irish so there :P) does not mean they own this place, it just means they are the bigger bullies and can get their way. So if you want to see children who were born in the US to go back to their native country with their illegal immigrant parents then perhaps we should ship all the people back to whence they came since by all counts they are in fact illegal immigrants. Now then let us open the borders and welcome our brethren with open arms. Let us treat them as we were once treated, with compassion with love with trust. Let's teach them how to survive this land and not treat them as if they are all criminals due to the color of their skin or the place of their birth.

It's time to stop being ignorant, racist asshats and remember where we came from and how we acquired this country we call home. It's time to show compassion to those who want to escape a harsh cruel life in hopes of starting a new better life. Let's face it, hunting them down like animals and deporting them immediately is not effective, it is not helpful, it is cruel. Perhaps instead of instant deportation we look at a way to get them legal citizenship in a simple, humane manner.

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