Monday, May 31, 2010


Last Monday I was so excited I had lost almost 2 lbs wooohooo! I totally kicked week 3's ass as well, eating great, running great, getting in my strength training days. Feeling awesome and thinking oh yea I bet I see another 1.5lb loss when I step on the scale today. 130.2?! WTF? I gained back what I lost how the hell did that happen? I may just kick that scales ass to the curb. This whole working out, eating better crap is really starting to piss me off. Here I have been actively working out for 12 weeks/ 3 months, and eating damn good and instead of toning up & slimming down I seem to be packing on weight and fat. I do not understand how the hell this is possible. It is so discouraging and so frustrating to watch & count every thing I put in my mouth, to force myself to workout no matter how I feel only to be moving in the wrong direction. It makes me want to give up and go back to my regular lifestyle where I didn't care or pay attention to what I ate and I didn't force myself to get up and workout even if it was hot or raining or I was tired or whatever other excuse I have. Now I have week 4 coming at me tomorrow and instead of looking forward to the major ass kicking it's going to give me I am dreading it even more. I know I feel better after I run, I feel fantastic, energized and alive after I run but is that 30-60 minute up worth how I feel the rest of the time?

That was really my only ugh for the day. Took the kids out fishing for our neighborhood fishing derby, which led us to hellmart to buy everyone a fishing pole and get my license. The fishing pole/license turned into tackle box & gear, 3 nw bike helmets, new hand weights and 2 Jillian Michael's videos (my 2 fav by her were only $10 ea!). That turned out to be a very expensive trip. I told the kids we had better start catching some fish since that's all we are going to be eating for the rest of the month. So did not need to spend that much money, not when I am supposed to be saving for my CBE stuff and other household things. Still it was a great day, we all had a blast with some good family time together. I wouldn't go back and unspend that money or time together now. And since we all have what we need to fih I foresee many more family days at the lake with our poles :)

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