Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yeah, Maybe

I feel like a dumbass. I got all excited about these C25K podcasts I found and downloaded last night. I couldn't wait to see how or if they effected my performance. I get out to the track today, turn on Carli's running into shape podcast annnnnnd dun dun dun I had downloaded week 3. Fail! But wait, there's more! I flipped to the Go Nicole Yourself podcast annnnnnnd dot dot dot also week 3. Bummer that means listening to the cue only podcast, how boring!

So I am doing my run and it's a high wind day and also seems to be a bad asthma day as well. I get done with my 2nd interval and think. .. I am only going to the halfway point today when dot dot dot halfway point interval! I think to myself ok I'll do this one and then the next one then that's it. I finish the 4th and say what the hell just do 5! As I am finishing up the 5th interval it dawns on me, there are only SIX intervals, bitch you are NOT quitting with only 1 interval left to jog, that's bullshit and I am not going to let you quit. I don't care if your jog is more like a hobble (it was) you are going to DO IT. And do it I did.

I can kind of see why they say to take a day of rest in between but look 1 day in between is fine, it's the damn weekends that kill me. Once I take those 2 days getting the motivation and energy to get up and go again on Monday is killer. Here in the very near future I am going to have to get motivated enough to run in the mornings as the weather should be warming up real soon. Which begs the two questions: can I use the school track before school and can i get myself up out of bed early enough to go up there and use it before school? It would mean getting there around 7:30-7:40 and then waiting a few extra minutes after before the supervisors arrived for the kids to go in to the building. Guess I'll be calling the school this week to find out.


  1. Hey Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by blog and downloading my podcasts, it seems like you have a great personality, and will do well. Good luck, and I hope to see you on my wall of fame! Now make sure you pick Week 1 next time :-)

  2. Carli it's great to see you here! I just recommended your blog to a few friends. Love it and the podcasts :D