Thursday, May 13, 2010

Negative, Ghostrider

What a beautiful day it was in Washington, clear blue skies, warm spring breeze, the birds chirping in the background . . . dead mouse on the porch. Thank cat, I know you love me and the presents are awfully nice but really can you stop with the mice? I love days like today, they make me want to leave the house and do things. I drove up to town and mailed off some packages and then headed to the school to pay for lunches for the rest of the year (can it really be only 4 weeks left?) and a filed trip, then it was off to the district office to talk to the food service director. Liz is awesome! I find it amazing to have the support of the school board and FSD behind me in this school food revolution, especially knowing how much opposition other parents have gotten trying to enact changes. We hit the ground running today with ideas and went over what we can and can't do at the moment including our two biggest hurdles: lack of a functioning kitchen at the intermediate/middle school and parental involvement. I am hoping that a parent/teacher/school board gathering one night with the showing of 2 great informative videos will really help bring the parents in and get them involved and supporting the changes. It's really imperative since I will be leaving in 2 years and will need someone to be just as passionate about this as I am to step in to my shoes and keep this movement going.

Today was also a running day as I took yesterday off after the back to back runs. Being that it was a nice day I thought this is great, nice sunny day I'd get my weekly allowance of Vitamin D, something I seem to always be deficient on out here. Ok THAT is not going to happen again. Note to self, if it's sunny and hot you have 2 choices wake up early and jog in the morning (and this means like 6-630am uggghhhh) or at night (and in the summer this means 10pm). This was probably my most painful jog, between the shin pain and the stitches/cramps I got up under my ribs I was really struggling to finish today. I can't figure out why I am having the shin pain, when I ran in the 'hood my calves got a workout but I never had any issue with my shins, but now on the flat track I am having shin issues. I've read a lot that says to land center or ball of foot and I am doing that, so maybe I need to try lengthening my stride so I land on my heel first? My lessons today: do not run during the hottest part of the day on a blacktop and stick to Carli's podcasts, the go nicole yourself music is kind of suck. No offense meant to Nicole but there were really only 2 songs I liked and on that made me laugh out loud while I struggled to finish my last interval. Thanks Carli ( for creating some awesome C25K podcasts!

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