Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The best part of waking up

is an early morning jog! Wait, wut?! Well it sure isn't folgers in my cup ;) I'm a senseo girl, never could stomach that folger's stuff. So, yeah, this morning I woke up at 6:15. Actually the alarm went off then but I was awake a few minutes before. I put myself to sleep fairly early last night, I'd guess somewhere between 9 & 930 so that I'd be well rested for this monrings run. Weather forecast was calling for high winds and 100% chance of rain by this afternoon so I didn't want to chance not being able to go today. Now I am not a morning person, in fact I would be just fine & dandy without mornings. I love the night time, yet I am scared of the dark, go figure that one out! I had a harder time getting Pixie up & dressed while I had no problems at all. I was actually, dare I say, a bit chipper.

Now my body is still sore as hell from the torture I put it through on Monday, despite the yoga I did yesterday. I took it easy and made sure all of my important muscles were well covered to stay warm. My workout went like this 5 minute walking warm up, 90 sec jog to 90 sec walk, 2min 50 sec jog to 3 min 10 sec walk, 90 sec jog to 90 sec walk, 2 min 40 sec jog to 3 min 30 sec walk, then 5 minute walk cool down. I almost almost reached the full 3 minute jog. The 1st one I literally groaned when I realized I had only missed it by 10 seconds. I wasn't as upset over the last one since my body was really feeling it and is still so sore.

To make my morning even better I just heard Pixie go outside on the back deck and call to the deer "Hi Bambi, how are you doing today? Come here I won't hurt you" They may come up closer but they won't ever get close enough to touch. Now she is sad they wouldn't come to her lol

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