Saturday, May 22, 2010

a C25K update

I just know you all have been waiting for this one! I have "completed" week 3 and will be redoing it again next week. I keep falling short of the 3 minute mark by 15-25 seconds so until I can consistently hit the 3 minute mark 3 times I won't be moving on. Part of me thinks I should create my own plan, it may take longer but might be better for me while still being a challenge. Like what if week 3 was a 90 sec jog/walk and then a 2 min jog/walk, week 4 move up to the 3 min jog/walk and then I have no idea what week 5 would be lol Ok ok I know stick to the plan as written, you'll get there.

I really want to kick up my strength training days as well and add in more cardio on my run days. Perhaps stick with the Jari Love + add in an extra ab routine and on my cardio days perhaps some jump roping as well. Of course that means I need to go get a jump rope, wouldn't mind a medicine ball either.

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