Saturday, May 1, 2010

I feel a big Duh! coming on!

A great big Duh right upside my head. I thought week 3 of the C25K seemed to be a big jump from week 2 but I went with it and well we know how that went. I went back and looked (and I found a site with podcasts for each week that says when to walk and when to run so I could potentially run without my stop watch) and wouldn't you know this site had a much more reasonable and somewhat more attainable week 3 listed. 90 sec jog to 90 sec walk, then 3 min jog to 3 min walk, repeat two more times. Let me say I still didn't do the 3 minutes so I am going to repeat week 3 next week. I did however do the one thing I have been avoiding, and that is making myself run up the huge hill on the last leg of the route. It really is a killer hill and hell just walking up it kills me but I took long strides and pushed myself and reached the top. . . then nearly fell back down it from exhaustion.

When i got home I told the husbeast and he says "oh no, this is how it starts" I am thinking how what starts? he says today you say you made yourself jog the hill, next time you will say you made yourself jog the entire way. That made me break down n a fit of giggles. I can't jog 3 minutes there is no way I'll be jogging 15 minutes next week bwahahahaaaaaaaa

I am going to have to treat my calves to some extra tender stretches as my right one is seriously hurting. Tomorrow will be a long day on my feet (have a mad housewife event on Vashon island) which means Monday I am not going to want to do anything. I'll just have to force myself to get up and run, missing one day has been getting too easy and it just throws my entire schedule off.

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  1. I need to start the C5K, which site did you get the podcasts?