Monday, May 24, 2010

I did it! I did it!

\m/ \m/ Too rockin for just one emoticon! I am repeating week 3 as I said because last week was such a failure. (Note to self, when riding the pms wave just curl up and hide for a week.) I read the week 3 thread on sparkpeople and was even more disappointed in myself. I was reading all of these success stories and couldn't believe I couldn't do it. Inspiration 1 found. Standing on a real scale and seeing those numbers, inspiration 2. Not that the weight is all that big of deal, if it was muscle I'd be fine with the number, but it's not. I had a feeling I was eating too many calories and the fact I gained weight despite working out proves it. So I cut 100 calories per day, and really so far that is all I have done. This week on top of that I will be doing 1.5 hours of strength training on my off days and may look in to adding on to my cardio at some point, maybe not though since my cardio will be increasing in week 4's run.

So for now I am happy to say I complete week 3 day 1 and I am down 1.4lbs, hooyah!

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  1. That's great! Keep it up. I know you can finish all 9 weeks. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Happy Running!