Sunday, May 16, 2010

That'a not fair!

Imagine a 2 year old throwing a fit over not being able to have something, the stomping, the screaming, the whole nine yards. Now imagine that is a 31 year old woman and you will have a picture of me today. I am on what week 10 of working out (minus that week I fell off the wagon) and week 4/5? of healthier eating with plenty of whole foods and fresh produce. One of the motivating factors for getting fit was that I was not fitting in to some of my clothes. Now I can see some very small changes and felt confident I was slimming down a little. Flash Forward to yesterday I put on one of my fav retro capri's and omg I had to the the lay on the bed and suck in my gut move to button them. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain, my hips are literally bruised today from wearing them :( On the shopping list was a new scale as the Wii has been iffy lately on being accurate. Husband brings it home, I rip it out of the box step on and I thought I was going to cry. I haven't weighed this much since giving birth 5 years ago. In the grand scheme of things it's actually not a lot of weight but 20lbs over what you are used to be IS a lot to me.

It's just not frakking fair! My mom has been doing C25K for 3 weeks (she just started week 4) and has lost 8lbs. I am on week 3 (after repeating week 2) and getting my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels or the Envy girls on my days off from running and I GAIN 15-20lbs?! What the hell? Time to step up the game and really kick it in to gear. Maybe my cousin is on to something with 2 hour workouts.


  1. Logically speaking, I would say that you are gaining muscle and the size on your clothes is just a number. What kind of ab workout are you doing?

  2. Yea the clothes size is just a number that actually doesnt bother me if I need to buy bigger because my body shape is changing but. . . it's not changing in the right direction.

    I'm doing the ab work in Jillian Michaels no more trouble spots intense and I love it! I am getting a new video this week to try out.