Monday, March 15, 2010

The Odd Couple

This time change has me a bit whacked out, but then again so does my emotionally charged weekend. I know my 2 weekend blogs sound extremely angry and high strung, I wasn't, just had to get emotions out of my head so I could be rational in my conversations with my husband.

The two of us, we really are an odd couple. No one ever thought we would last and here we are 10 years later still crazy about each other. We are that sickening couple that really doesn't fight. We don't always agree on everything but we don't fight. This weekend was no exception, we don't agree on this issue but we didn't fight. I know it doesn't sound that way but the entire time we argue our points and discussed our feelings we were snuggled up with each other and caressing each other. Crazy right? Certainly makes more sense to me than yelling, throwing things, slinging insults, slamming doors etc. We can be loving towards one another even in the heat of an argument and personally I think that is pretty damn awesome.

Last night as we curled up together he asked if I wanted to talk and I said simply, no. I was exhausted emotionally and just wanted some comfort. Even though I am upset and part of that is because of something he said, he is still the one I need and turn to for comfort. We agreed no more talking until we get in to the counselor. It feels weird to be seeing a marriage counselor when we really don't have any marital issues, just this one big decision. Instead we spent the night loving each other, talking about how much we love each other and generally being nauseating. We can't help it, we are crazy for each other! I can't stay mad or upset with him, I just don't have the space for it.

So this morning I woke up a little slower than usual, stupid time change. I feel better more refreshed with a better outlook on everything. I came downstairs and made Pixie her breakfast and made the dough for 3 loaves of bread. While they rose I worked out again. I am really liking the pick your level pilates for weight loss. I may still try out a few more videos in my queue but for now this is the one I feel I get the all over workout I need.

Speaking of weight loss, I was convinced I must have gained 5-10lbs over the past 5-6 months since I am suddenly not fitting into a pair of my dress pants and even my jeans are a wee bit snug. So I got on the wii fit yesterday to get my weight and what?! I dropped 5lbs? I was 113 last Oct/Nov, now I am 108? How is that even possible? Shouldn't my clothes be looser then not tighter? Well that tripped me out and has me wondering if maybe the balance board is out of balance or something? Anyways I know I said on the 15th I would post some brutally honest stripped down pictures of me but I forgot Mr. Pin Up has duty today which means no one to take my picture. Now sure I could go rig it up and use the self timer but let's face it, just because I am getting up earlier & exercising doesn't mean I am no longer lazy.

It's about that time to pop the bread in to the oven and get some knitting done. One of these days I'll figure out how to write a short blog, but for now I like being wordy!


  1. Um... I hear you... I don't know HOW the hell I'm going to avoid wordy blog posts. BA! Whatever. LOL

  2. I figure whatever, I like being wordy and no one has to read it if they don't wanna ;-)