Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Three. . . it begins

This marks the 3rd day of my new routine. I slipped yesterday and had a latte, deeply regretted it after getting a massive headache and having trouble falling asleep. Back on the limited coffee bandwagon today!

So the last 2 workouts I tried I complained about the lack of ab work. I am a hardcore ab work lover so missing that element in a workout sucks. Well complain no more! Today I did the crunch: super slim down pilates/yoga routine. Holy abs batman! I didn't feel like I got decent leg or arm workout with this but I definitely got the abs! So to sum up the work outs I have done the last three days;

Day 1 - Self: Bikini ready, fast! I give this 3 stars although the netflix reviews gives it 4-5 stars. Good arm work but lacked in ab & legs.

Day 2 - Crunch: cardiosculpt. I give this one 3.5 stars. Ok on the cardio but I have done better. Decent leg & arm but again lacked the abs

Day 3 - Crunch super slim down. This I give 4 stars. I felt like I got a pretty decent stretch routine with this while giving me an intense ab work out. Th abs come at the end after you have done all of this amazing stretching. Recommend this highly if you want a good yoga stretch and if you want a good ab work. Otherwise it pretty much lacks much in the leg/arm area.

I have about 6 more workouts in my instant queue and several on my dvd queue. I am considering doing the 30 day shred again. Now I did this before and saw no visible or measurable results, maybe because at the time I couldn't even afford to lose 2lbs and that is really what the main focus is on? I am not sure. The workout is fairly intense and gives good arms, legs, abs & cardio rolled into 1 20 minute workout. This time around perhaps I'll try to up the intensity, first however I must renew that inhaler prescription as the cardio really does kill me!

It's time for some hard truth. Sure I am "thin" by many standards but I am very adept at hiding those trouble areas with clothes. I am also on of those "lucky" people that seems to never gain weight with the exception of pregnancy. However I did turn 31 this past October and my mother cursed me, she said "just wait until you are over 30". Well son of a bitch. I went to put on my dress pants yesterday for a meeting and holy shit they would not go over my thighs. It was a workout in itself to get those damn pants up over my thighs, then over my ass and oh my god getting them buttoned. And then i saw the fat rolls hanging over the pants. I nearly cried as i did what any other respectable woman would do, I shoved that fat down into those pants and hid the bulk with a loose long dress shirt. My head is hanging in shame over admitting that but hey what can ya do? Oh I know what I can do. I can make myself stick to working out and getting rid of that flab. After 4 pregnancies I've had that lovely inch to pinch mama pouch on my belly. I have watched it this past few months go from an inch to about 4 inches. Denial was my best friend but yesterday made me realize I can deny no more. That picture of me in a bikini? That was 2 summers ago and then I thought my thighs were looking bad, boy what I wouldn't give to have that back, ha! So in the vein of open honesty, and if Jaime Lee Curtis can do it, I will be taking a portrait, an honest full on picture of myself, my measurements, my weight. I will post them and then post my goal weight & measurements. Every month I will Take a new picture and new measurements to keep myself motivated. This I will do on the 15th of each month, yay< - - -ok that was a sarcastic yay. I am sure noone wants to see me in all my honesty.

Speaking of yesterday, I had that meeting with the Jr High principal. I was fully expecting to go in there all mamabear and fight for my kids right to a higher education. Surprise of all surprises, there was no fight to be had. Mr. B felt just based on what I aid and the fact I was an involved parent advocating for their child and the child themselves were asking for me that he had no problem at all accepting Jared into the 8th grade and transferring school districts! This mean Jared will completely bypass the 7th grade, get out this crappy school district and off to be with peers his own age possibly getting the challenge he craves and WOW does this school have some amazing programs, and the sports oh my the sports! Looks like we are going to be busy as Jared wants to play football, basketball and try out for track. I told him once I get my lungs up to it we will train together for track. Heck maybe it won't be long before I can run a 5k! Now there is a goal to work for.

So now that I have bored everyone to tears yet again, my tea is ready and I have bread dough to rise then bake, snacks to whip up for after school and 2 socks to get completed in a very short amount of time, and somewhere in there pull out my yarn dying kettle and do some fun color experiments :)

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  1. OMG that was boring!!! <3
    oh and sis where are th pictures, i need good laugh at how UNfat you are!