Tuesday, March 16, 2010


First it was the boys, barfing their brains out this morning. Then this afternoon I got a call to pick up Rory from school. Yay for the stomach bug. I really hate those because there isn't anything you can do but let it run it's course.

I also woke up feeling a little off and decided I'd just chill in bed and get a bunch of knitting done and skip my workout. That didn't last long as it felt weird to not work out! So I got up and got going. Today I tried out Crunch: pick your spot pilates. Not overly impressed with this one but I may feel differently this morning. I did do all 3 sections, abs, butt & thigh. I liked the abs well enough, the butt was meh and the thighs were ok but nothing special.

And remember that Pixie of mine who was getting dreads? Decided when we were 1/4 of the way from being finished that she no longer wanted them and instead wanted a short hair cut. Yeah. Let me just say combing knots out of her hair is no fun in and of itself but combing knots that have been backcombed in to her hair and then waxed? Even less fun. But we worked them out washed her hair and snip snip snip. She loves it and this is how she looks now

and her being silly with a pose

along with all that I did yesterday I also id some dyeing. A girl I sold a huge hank of wollmeise lace to asked for me to overdye the bright lovely green. We had a vision which didn't exactly work out so well but she loves what did happen and that's what counts. She will be getting this very soon

and as part of a uber trade I am knitting socks and dyeing yarn for another gal. She ha already received one of the yarns and 1 sock to try on to make sure my sizing was correct. So this is the final skein of yarn I dyed up for her


  1. Whatever makes them ahppy!! Her hair looks adorable.

    So sorry you guys have the nasty barf bug!! Healthy energy coming your way.

    Uuuuuh... LOVE your dye jobs!!

  2. Her hair is growing on me, it really suits her and makes her look less like a baby and more like a big girl ::weeps::

    Thank you thank you! I really love dying, maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to start a business