Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Say what now?

I have been telling my husband about my mission for the school food revolution. He has been very interested in what I have been finding out and is now just as deeply immersed in it as I am. We (or rather he) have been digging into our school district information and comparing with our sister (mother?) district. It is shocking what we have found, and not just in regards to the food.

Students in our district are testing well below the state average where the Shelton district is nearly on target with the state. Now tell me this, Jared is testing higher than the students in our district but I guess wasn't testing as high as state average and this is why our principle wanted to not allow him to advance? Bullshit I say. If he is testing higher than the students in his grade level, which means he tested higher than the students that were previously in his level (based on what we found) wouldn't that indicate he should actually have been advanced a grade level? No wonder the 7th grade class is still being taught down to and he is above them. This infuriates me to no end that she would try to hold him back. Makes me even more thankful the other district principle was very willing to work with us. It also means Jared will definitely be getting challenged next year.

Next we checked out the school budget to see what is being spent per student on food in each district. Shelton district school lunch consists of 2 main courses to chose from, plus salad bar, fresh fruit, fresh raw veggies. Our district lunch consists of 1 "protein" 2 breads and a fruit or vegetable. Our district is spending MORE per student on food for less options and unhealthy options than the other district is for more food with healthy options. How is this even possible? It really truly makes no sense to me at all. Change is exactly what this school needs and utilizing their own gardens as well as the Farm to School program will help immensely.

So, despite my proclamation to do absolutely nothing tomorrow but knit an sit on my ass, I may actually drive my kids in to school so I can ask the principle if she would allow me to tour the kitchen facilities and then go to the district office to schedule an appt with the Super to discuss my concerns over the school meals and what we can do to change them.

Oh yeah remember that exercise kick I was on? I haven't worked out in 4 days now. Between the spring cleaning, organizing and massive baking there has been no time and no energy. I am hoping to jump back into it this week. I actually miss it. I can feel the lack of energy and concentration from not working out and taking my supplements. What a major difference it has made on me in just the short amount of time I was exercising. Anyways that is all for tonight, I am amazed my brain functioned long enough to get this post out.


  1. See...Samuel's school does the two healthy courses plus salad/fruit bar. I wonder if the quality of food is a direct correlation to the children's learning? I mean, you are what you eat...right? The Shelton school district children are scoring better and they also eat healthier lunches....
    I can't wait to hear what your child's school has to say when you ask to speak to them!

  2. Exactly Tabatha! It's been shown that scores improve when kids are eating healthy, balanced meals. These students are scoring so low that I am surprised there hasn't been a huge flag raised yet! I have one student skipping a grade and my other 2 are also being recommended to skip a grade, that should say something to this school especially as Xander & Rory were barely reading and writing when they entered 2nd & 1st grade this year.

    I have so much printing to do and appointments to make and wooo school board meeting in 2 weeks! That will be interesting :)