Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a whine from me to you

Excuse me while I have a pity party and hate on the military tonight. My husband, who gets sick less than I do and I rarely get sick (with the exception of this winter), is sick as a dog. He has a high fever, chilld, body ache, sore throat, stuffed up head and you know what? That man STILL has to go to work tomorrow. No sick day for the military folks, no sirree. We are just going to force our men (and women) to go to work spreading their germs and thusly getting more people sick while at the same time making the sick person even more miserable when they could probably have gotten over the crap twice as fast if they could just have a bloody damn day off to rest! On top of being miserably sick he has to go stand duty tomorrow which means a 30 hour work day. Sure he will get a few hours to sleep, but really? I know they signed up for this but it just blows me away that he can't even have one damned day to be able to rest & recuperate so he could get better and get back work 100%. And of course I am getting the crud which is going to make for a whiny miserable me. I make a terrible sick person and frankly I don't have time for the crap this weekend.

My other complaint? I finally know what I want from college, have my major picked out for my AA & BA, get the process started to enroll and blam the only military spouse tuition assistance program is halted with no warning. Now they are getting it started back up but still have a lot of things to work out so no word on when they will be taking new applications. Fuck me, I had planned to be enrolled and starting classes by next month & graduating with my AA in Sept/Oct of next year. This totally delays things and I know me, if I am not jumping on something the instant I am inspired to do so I will procrastinate the hell out of it.

And one last thing, it really burns my bacon that a fellow wife had to call comsubgroup to find out about getting Subball tickets because the boat couldn't get their shit together. Deadline for the boats to sell tickets is in 8 days and after that the leftover tickets are divvied up among the boats asking for more tickets. I would be one hella pissed off wife if we didn't get tickets because of the boat being slack. Sure whatever they have more important things to do, you now like force the guys to attend mandatory fundays. This is one of those big events however that the boat shouldn't be dropping the ball on. It;s not like we get to take our men out all snazzied up in their uniforms very often. We want an excuse to get dressed up, leave our worries behind for a few hours, get drunk and dance! Is that too much to ask I say?

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